Volume 2

Assault of the Saiyans

Welcome, DBSCG fans!
In today’s designer note, we’re going to introduce you to some of the themes of Series 9 -Universal Onslaught-! Some of these cards have already been revealed on our Official Facebook Page or YouTube trailer, but let's take another look!

First up is red and blue. For Series 9, red and blue take on two archetypes: the magnificent Frieza Clan and the mighty Universe 7!

Frieza Clan

This time around, the Frieza Clan Leader Card is sure to get everyone’s attention: Frieza’s brother Cooler—who made his last major appearance in Series 2—is back with a vengeance! Brother of the galactic tyrant though he may be, he’s finally getting some extra time in the limelight!

This new Cooler is sporting a deck destruction strategy!

Let’s look at a Super Rare geared towards making the deck destruction strategy of {BT09-002 Cooler, Revenge Transformed} work even better.

BT9-101 Full-Power Frieza, 100% Overdrive} could easily be called one of the strongest cards in Universal Onslaught. First, it gives all of your opponent’s Battle Cards -30000 power, ignoring [Barrier]. That’s strong enough to wipe their board clean as it is, but this Frieza also has a devastating ability that makes your opponent mill two cards for every card that has its power reduced. Combine that with {BT09-002 Cooler, Revenge Transformed} and you’ll have your opponent milling 10 or more cards easily! We’ve also designed a few of these cards to work with the [Swap] Frieza archetype from Clash of Fates.

We’ve got another Super Rare for deck destruction builds in store as well, so be on the lookout!

Universe 7

Universe 7’s mightiest warriors have had their finishing moves turned into high-cost Extra Cards. To sweeten the deal, Red/Blue has a new keyword called [Invoker] that will allow you to play those cards using a single Red/Blue multicolor energy!


When paying the energy cost for a Red/Blue Extra Card, you can instead switch 1 Red/Blue energy to Rest Mode.

This archetype focuses around cards with [Invoker] and the Extra Cards you use with them.

First, let’s look at a card that has [Invoker].
This bad boy has [Deflect] and [Barrier], so your opponent can’t stop him with [Counter : Play] cards or skills. Play him on Turn 3, and you can use your Leader Card’s [Awaken] or combo with {BT9-107 Beerus, Divine Obliterator} to easily get a Red/Blue energy back to Active Mode and prepare to use one of those powerful Extra Cards.

{BT9-110 Royal Condemnation} is a Vegeta-themed Extra Card that limits your opponent’s Battle Cards–even [Ultimate] cards! Many of the Red/Blue Extra Cards in this series can be sent from your Drop Area to your Warp to reveal the top card of your deck. Reveal an Extra Card, and you can add it to your hand. {BT9-037 Tournament of Power Arena} manipulates the top card of your deck, providing a powerful two-card synergy that will keep your hand full of Extra Cards.

Next up are the yellow and green cards from this set.

The new keyword skill for Green/Yellow is [Successor]!

And what is [Successor], you ask?


(Choose any number of your mono-green, mono-yellow, or Green/Yellow multicolor Battle Cards whose energy costs add up to the energy cost of this card, place them in their owners' Drop Areas, then play this card from your hand.)

Torment your opponent with {EX08-06 SS Broly, All-Out Assault} and {BT7-078 Champa the Trickster}, then feed your Battle Cards to [Successor] and go on the attack!

Androids and Cell

Let’s take a look at a few [Successor] cards, shall we?

Fans of {BT2-084 Perfect Force Cell} will love this next card, which strips your opponent’s hand dry while negating their Leader Card’s skills. Keep it alive until your next turn, and you get to play another copy with [Successor]!

{BT9-045 Quick Sweep Android 17}, {BT9-039 Cell, Android Absorber}, and {BT9-114 Cell, Devourer of the Masses} pair well with older Cell support cards like {BT5-065 Deadly Defender Android 18 } to see Cell through his various evolutions, just like in the show!

Universe 11

Next up, let’s look at a Super Rare for Universe 11.

To support this archetype’s mid-game plays, we have Toppo with his newfound powers as a God of Destruction! Ignore [Barrier] on your opponent’s cards, negate their skills, and KO them. Even cards with [Indestructible] aren’t safe around this guy!

The full green/yellow reveal is coming on January 15, so stay tuned for tons of new cards!

Finally, let’s wrap things up with a look at a few new black cards!

Majin Buu

This time around we’ve got a Majin Buu theme that revolves around using powerful skills with an empty hand.

BT9-082 Majin Buu, Ghastly Rampage

This deck’s gimmick puts Majin Buu through a series of transformations. Not only is this archetype incredibly faithful to the source material, but it’s also quite powerful! Place this card in your Drop Area with an empty hand to summon other powerful Majin Buu cards from your Drop Area.

BT9-077 Majin Buu, Supreme Evil

This is only one of the powerful Majin Buu cards you can unleash on your opponent with the above skill!  

With this card in your Battle Area in Rest Mode, your opponent can only add cards to their hand with their Leader Card. Deprived of resources, your opponent will find themselves defenseless against your dastardly schemes. {Majin Buu, Supreme Evil} can’t be removed from your Battle Area by skills, and can give itself [Triple Strike] to end the game. Supreme evil, indeed!

Finally, let’s look at the Majin Buu Leader Card...

BT9-070 Bibidi/Majin Buu, One with Nothingness

This Majin Buu Leader Card not only helps you replenish your hand, but also has a removal ability you can use against your opponent. If you have no cards in your hand at the end of your turn, you get to draw five new cards. This powerful ability allows you to use all the cards in your hand to further your plays without worrying about card advantage for the next turn! And since you can use your Leader Card’s ability to get rid of your opponent’s low-cost Battle Cards, it helps you use cards like {BT9-082 Majin Buu, Ghastly Rampage} to go on the offense once your opponent’s Battle Area is open! As your Majin Buu cards go through their various transformations, you can use their deadly abilities to whittle away your opponent’s life!  

We’re going to be revealing all of the black cards from this set on January 15th, so keep your eyes open for updates!

There are plenty of awesome cards to hunt down in this set. We hope you’ll test out all kinds of cool new combinations!

January 10, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team