The Special Anniversary Box

What’s up players?

The first series of cards for the Dragon Ball Super Card Game went on sale in July, 2017. In the blink of an eye, two years have already passed. With each new series we release, our player base increases. In January 2018, we released our first English cards in Europe. In March 2018, we released cards in Central America, South America, and French cards as well. In January 2019, we started selling Italian cards. We’d like to express our deepest appreciation once again to our players around the world who have supported us over the years.

As part of our thanks to you, the players, we decided to release a Special Anniversary Box! This designer’s note details the exciting contents of the box.

Here’s what’s in store!:

a. Vault Power Up Pack
b. Special Anniversary Set
c. Special Anniversary Pack
d. Sleeves
e. Storage Box

a. Vault Power Up Pack

These packs are filled with alternate art editions of oft-requested reprints. They’re filled with popular cards from the start of the game’s history, including hard-to-find Series Tournament promo cards! Not only do these cards have new art, but we’ve changed their design as well. This set is a great chance for new and longtime players to get their hands on some rare and powerful cards.

Each pack contains three normal cards and one foil card. The Special Anniversary Set comes with four Vault Power Up packs. We hope you look forward to the new designs and seeing which foil cards you get!

Check out the lineup of cards included in these packs:

b. Special Anniversary Set

Deck-building is one of the most enjoyable aspects of card games. We’ve included 35 new cards for competitive play in the Special Anniversary Set! Better yet, you get two copies of each card! 
① {EX06-01 Trunks, Surge of Energy}
This card works well with {BT3-001 Pan, Ready to Fight}! If Pan is your Leader Card, you can play this card then use its auto skill to draw 2 cards!

② {EX06-02 Vegito, Polymorphic Potara}
This card works well with the Vegito Leader Cards! If your Leader Card is a 〈Vegito〉 card like {BT2-001 Fusion Warrior Super Saiyan Vegito}, you can play a 〈Son Goku〉 card and 〈Vegeta〉 card at the same time, making it super easy to play cards like {BT2-013 Lightning Speed Vegito} or {BT6-036 Vegito, Powers Combined} with [Union-Potara]!

③ {EX06-11 Whis, Destruction's Aid}
This card works well with {BT1-029 Beerus, God of Destruction} from way back in Series 1! If your Leader Card is {BT1-029 Beerus, God of Destruction}, you can use this card’s Activate skill to increase your energy and gain advantage over your opponent.

In the late game you can outright end the game with this card and the Beerus Leader Card’s active skill!

④{EX06-12 Goku Black, Countdown to Destruction}
This card works well with the Zamasu and Goku Black Leader Cards from Series 2! If your Leader Card is a 〈Zamasu〉 card or 〈Goku Black〉 card and you have 5 or more energy, you can play this card without paying its energy cost!

Since you play this card without paying for it, it makes it that much easier to use [Evolve] to get out {BT2-058 Unstoppable Despair Goku Black Rosé}, or use [Union-Potara] to play {BT2-058 Infinite Force Fused Zamasu}!

⑤{EX06-17 Krillin, Calling for Help}
This card works well in a Themed Booster 03 Goku deck! Play this card while its energy cost is 1, then [Awaken] your 〈Son Goku〉 Leader Card. This card will gain [Blocker] and its energy cost will become 4.

With its energy cost at 4, if this card is KO’d then you have a shot at playing {TB3-035 Final Showdown Son Goku} !

⑥{EX06-19 Android 13, the Brilliant}&{Android Troop - 14 & 15}
These cards work well in an Android 13 deck from Series 3! If your Leader Card is {BT3-056 Thirst for Destruction, Android 13}, you can use the skill of {EX06-20 Android Troop - 14 & 15} to put 〈Android 14〉 and 〈Android 15〉 cards in your Drop Area.

Afterwards, by playing {EX6-19 Android 13, the Brilliant} using [Union-Absorb], you can also play {BT3-069 Unending Destruction, Android 13}!

⑦{EX06-25 Ginyu, Helix Strike}
We’ve got a real treat for all you Ginyu fans out there! If your Leader Card is {BT1-085 Ginyu, The Malicious Transformation}, you can use this card’s activate skill in your hand to add a《Ginyu Force》 card to your hand and then play a 《Ginyu Force》 card from your hand with an energy cost of 2 or less, like {TB3-010 Strikeforce Guldo}.

If you’ve got a lot of 《Ginyu Force》 cards in your Battle Area, you can then try to power them up with {P-24 Powerful Bond Ginyu Force} and go on an all-out assault!

⑧{EX06-26 Meta-Cooler Core, Ultimate Form}
Meta-Cooler’s unleashes his true potential! Using this card’s activate skill, you can either [Awaken] {BT2-100 Meta-Cooler} much faster, or play two {BT2-107 Infinite Multiplication Meta-Cooler} from your Drop Area. This will allow for different strategies based on how your battle is going!

Furthermore, if your {BT2-122 Big Gete Star} is in the Drop Area because of your opponent’s skills or your {BT2-109 Meta-Cooler Core}, you can use this card’s auto skill to bring it back!

⑨{EX06-32 Demigra, Over Realm Unleashed}
Over Realm decks get a new strategy! When you play this card with [Over Realm], you can choose from two dynamic effects. The first effect allows you to play a 〈Demigra〉 card with an energy cost of 4 or less, such as a {BT4-106 Dark Control Demon God Demigra} early on in the game, a card notoriously difficult to play unless your deck is filled with black cards.

If you choose the second effect, [Wormhole], you can use both [Over Realm] and [Dark Over Realm] to go on a relentless attacking spree!

Choose wisely based on the current game!

⑩{EX06-36 A Crack in Spacetime}
This card works well in decks with black Saiyan Leader Cards! This card gives your Leader Card [Double Strike] and a 15000 power boost. If you’re using {SD3-01 Bardock, Unbound by Darkness}, you can use its skills to give it both [Double Strike] AND [Critical] putting your opponent in a dire straits!

This is only a mere taste of the cards in this set! Check out the full card list below!

The card list is here!!

We’re looking forward to seeing some old cards getting used again with new strategies!

c. Special Anniversary Pack

The Special Anniversary Set has the 35 cards mentioned above and 1 Leader Card, for a total of 36 new cards! The Special Anniversary Packs have 10 cards in them, and they’re all foil! You get two packs with this set!

The new Leader Card is Towa, who also appears in Dragon Ball Xenoverse! There are some cards in DBSCG that gain special effects if your Leader Card is Towa, and we’ve listed them below!

You’ll notice the cards above require a Towa Leader Card. We’re introducing one in the Special Anniversary Box! Here are its effects:

{EX06-29 Towa, Chaosbringer} was designed to help make a new type of [Over Realm] deck. This Leader’s skill allows you to use {EX06-33 Mira, Self Reformation} from this set or {BT4-110 Dark Absorption Mira} to play {BT4-108 Mira, Creator Absorbed} via [Union-Absorb]!

The most interesting characteristic of this card is its [Activate : Battle] skill, which reads “choose up to 1 keyword skill on an opponent's Battle Card and negate it for the duration of the turn”. You can activate this skill during your opponent’s Defense Step, allowing you to negate the keyword skill your opponent was hoping to use to finish the game! This card can even negate the [Double Strike] given by the popular {BT1-005 Furthering Destruction Champa}!

This card is only available in the Special Anniversary Packs, and is sure to become a sought after Leader!

d. sleeves

This card is only available in the Special Anniversary Packs, and is sure to become a sought after Leader!

e. storage box

There will also be four different storage box designs! You can see the box design before purchase, so choose your favorites!


This products sale date and price may differ based on your region, so please check the official website for details.


That was a lot of fresh DBSCG content to absorb, so what did you think We filled the Special Anniversary Box is with all sorts of fun and surprises as a thank you to our amazing and growing community. Look forward to having the box in your hands in June!

May 24th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team