Hello, DBSCG players! Did you enjoy the Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour? We hope you’re ready to get hype as we introduce new cards from the next set, -Supreme Rivalry-!

We announced it during the event, but Dark King Mechikabura finally makes his debut in this set! The Dark Empire Saga isn’t finished just yet. Stay tuned—you never know which new characters might be coming next!

The theme this time around is Saiyans vs. powerful invaders. That includes Dark King Mechikabura, who seeks total conquest from the Dark Demon Realm; Frieza’s Army, which wants to dominate Universe 7; the Boujack Brigade, which will stop at nothing to conquer the cosmos; and Androids 17 & 18, who have driven the Earth to ruin in Future Trunks’s timeline. No matter your preferences, Supreme Rivalry delivers a battle between supremely powerful heroes and villains.

On closer inspection... is that Demigra?
Indeed it is! Demigra’s Army is here as well, with Robelu making her DBSCG debut as an SCR.

This is the first SCR since {BT4-124 Beyond Darkness Demigra} to have [Dark Over Realm]. Robelu is a touch different mechanically, as she calls forth warriors with [Over Realm] to fight alongside her. You can use this skill to summon her master, Demigra, or Goku : Xeno and Vegeta : Xeno! Whatever your favorite [Over Realm] cards are, they’re all about to get a new lease on life.

Next up, let’s take a look at the defining cards from each color.

Bardock makes his first appearance as a red-focused Leader!
[Bond] is the core theme of Bardock’s Crew this time around, with greater emphasis on their shared teamwork! Use skills like the one on the Bardock Leader to play Bardock’s Crew cards, fulfill the conditions for [Bond], and open up new possibilities for blue and yellow Bardock’s Crew cards from past sets!
“This bond we share has the power to shatter fate itself!”

The blue Gohan Leader is a new type of deck that fights by playing skill-less Battle Cards from your energy.
Use {BT13-045 Tien Shinhan, Energy Fortification} to play skill-less cards like {BT13-041 Super Saiyan Trunks} from your energy and protect the Earth from yet-unseen threats! Build a deck with your favorite skill-less characters, and bring the heat to your opponent!
{BT13-036 SS2 Son Gohan, Astonishing Strike} is an incredible finisher, giving skill-less decks a new lynchpin to aim for!
“Unleash your full potential and strike a blow for justice!”

King Cold gets his first Leader Card, with a [Field]-focused design modeled after his appearance in Dragon Ball Super: Broly. By activating {BT13-084 King Cold's Dynasty} at the start of the game, you can play as many [Field] cards as you want! There are plenty of [Field] payoffs too, like {BT13-076 Golden Frieza, Pinnacle of the Clan}.
“With the power of [Field] cards, the Frieza Clan’s invasion is about to enter its final stages!”

Here’s another Leader debut, this time from Future Son Gohan. This [Blocker]-centric deck recreates his master-pupil dynamic with Trunks as they defend the future from the Android menace.
After Trunks uses [Blocker], Gohan’s Leader skill allows him to return to the fray again and again. Though the actual number of cards with [Blocker] is fairly small, you get to activate them multiple times, giving this deck some seriously formidable defenses.
After countless battles, Trunks uses a time machine to meet Goku and his father, Vegeta, growing strong along the way. That growth is represented by the evolution into {BT13-101 Trunks, Might Born of Hope}, whose arrival will surely lead to victory in the present and future alike.
“Rise up with an indomitable will, and bring hope to a despairing future!”

The Supreme Kai of Time is also making her first Leader Card appearance. As the battle against the Dark Empire reaches a fever pitch, she unleashes the power of time in an attempt to prevent Mechikabura’s revival.
We mentioned this at the outset, but Demigra appears in the set as a guest, fighting alongside the Time Patrol led by the Supreme Kai of Time! He also has [Wormhole], which gives your [Over Realm] and [Dark Over Realm] cards a boost, making him a unique and powerful card in any black-focused deck. And needless to say, he has fantastic synergy with SCR Robelu.

What really sets the Supreme Kai of Time apart is her ability to prevent [Over Realm] cards from being sent to the Warp at the end of the turn! This makes her a perfect fit for [Over Realm] cards like {BT13-126 SS4 Son Goku, Thwarting the Dark Empire} that you want to keep around during your opponent’s turn.
Gotenks : Xeno is also making his long-awaited debut, alongside fusion partner Son Goten : Xeno. Be sure to check the card list for more details.
“Unleash the power of time to quell Mechikabura’s reign of terror!”

So, what do you think?

We’re going to wrap up this preview with a look at the pre-release event cards!
With help from the Battle Evolution Booster, we’re shining the limelight on Goku’s Lineage once more. After the balance issues it caused last time, we’ve been wary about bringing the mechanic back, but after much fine-tuning, we believe the time is now right for Goku’s Lineage to get another chance – and we’re doing it with the new pre-release cards, along with support from the Battle Evolution Booster.

The design for Son Goku Jr. is modeled after the scene from the last episode of GT, showing the passing of Goku’s torch to future generations. The Leader’s front can play 2-cost Goku’s Lineage cards for easy [Swap] activations. {P-062 Scrambling Assault Son Goten} is a reprint in the Battle Evolution Booster, and can help search out the cards you need, making him an easy include.

Set 4 -Supreme Rivalry-, the newest entry in the UW Series, is set to release this May.
So charge your ki, and prepare to create a Supreme Rivalry of your very own!
*Release date may vary based on shipping conditions.

March 12, 2021
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team