Dev Team Column – SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks Deck Showcase

Greetings, Dragon Ball Super Card Game fans! Today, we’re going to take a look at a deck that uses an SCR from Unison Warrior Series 8!
In this case, it’s the Piccolo/Gohan team-up card {BT17-148 Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might}!

This is the first [Ultimate][Super Combo] card, with an earth-shattering 30,000 combo power! It has a combo cost of 5, but this gets reduced by 1 for each card your opponent has in Rest Mode, making it entirely possible to use for free. Use it to windmill slam one final combo through at the end of a game, or to come back from behind after your opponent pushes all their cards into the red zone.
You can also play this card from your Drop Area after using it in a combo from your hand, making it easy to play early in certain matchups. On play and attack, it also draws you a card and switches an opponent’s card to Rest Mode, giving you incredible value on top of its other abilities.
It takes up a [Super Combo] slot, but we think you’ll find its power more than offsets the cost.

The deck we want to show off today is a popular one―BT16’s yellow SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks deck.

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
BT16-071 Yellow Trunks SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks, Father-Son Onslaught LEADER UC 1
BT13-093 Yellow SS Trunks, Altering the Future UNISON SR 3
BT10-139 Black Putine, the Dark Sorcerer BATTLE UC 1
BT15-096 Yellow Son Goku, Steadfast Assistance BATTLE SR 2
BT16-077 Yellow SSB Vegeta, Future on the Line BATTLE R 4
BT16-078 Yellow SSB Vegeta, Fatherly Assistance BATTLE UC 3
BT16-079 Yellow Vegeta, Father-Son Teamwork BATTLE C 4
BT16-080 Yellow SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks, Father-Son Bonds BATTLE SR 2
BT16-081 Yellow SS2 Trunks, Future on the Line BATTLE R 4
BT16-083 Yellow Trunks, Father-Son Teamwork BATTLE C 4
BT16-084 Yellow Bulma, Future on the Line BATTLE UC 2
BT17-148 Yellow Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might BATTLE SCR 1
P-331 Yellow Mecha Frieza, Robotic Riposte BATTLE PR 4
DB2-108 Yellow Bergamo, Ferocious Roar BATTLE SR 1
DB3-092 Yellow Lord Slug, Super Namekian BATTLE SR 3
DB3-093 Yellow Lord Slug, Evil Invader BATTLE R 3
BT10-123 Yellow Released from Evil EXTRA SR 1
BT13-120 Yellow The Power of a Super Saiyan EXTRA SR 1
BT15-119 Yellow Forbidden Power EXTRA SR 1
BT16-092 Yellow Realm of the Gods - Black Kamehameha EXTRA R 3
EB1-46 Yellow Death Blaster EXTRA R 1
EB1-48 Yellow Frieza Army Reinforcements EXTRA C 2


  • 1. Deck Overview
  • 2. Deck Breakdown
  •  -a. Deck goals
  •  -b. Early game
  •  -c. Mid game
  •  -d. Defensive cards
  • 3. Synergistic picks
  • 4. In Closing
1. Deck Overview

The Leader of this deck, {BT16-071 Trunks} can flip over with [Awaken], or by placing a yellow Vegeta from your Battle Area under it. From there, you can use the back side’s skill to place the card under this card in your Drop Area to get a big power up and go on the offensive.
{BT16-071 SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks, Father-Son Onslaught} can also help assemble your fusion cards every time it attacks, fueling [EX-Evolve] activations to help build your board, and drawing you cards to cement your advantage even further.

2. Deck Breakdown

-a. Deck goals

This deck includes a suite of cards that can attack while limiting your opponent’s actions. The Leader itself has incredible potential, with skills that allow you to maintain advantage, along with a back side skill to power itself up. Use these cards to take control of the board, steer things in your favor, and push through with an overwhelming power advantage.

-b. Early game

During your first turn, play {BT16-079 Vegeta, Father-Son Teamwork} and {BT16-083 Trunks, Father-Son Teamwork}. During the following turns, evolve into {BT16-077 SSB Vegeta, Future on the Line} and {BT16-081 SS2 Trunks, Future on the Line}, and prepare to take complete control of the board.
Use {BT16-081 SS2 Trunks, Future on the Line} skill alongside {BT10-139 Putine, the Dark Sorcerer} to play it and switch 2 of your opponent’s cards to Rest Mode -a powerful defensive combination.
From there, use {BT16-077 SSB Vegeta, Future on the Line} to KO the cards you just switched to Rest Mode, even if they have [Barrier].
Employ the synergies between these cards as the core of your strategy.

-c. Mid game

{BT16-080 SSB Vegeta & SS Trunks, Father-Son Bonds} has high power and [Critical], and can give itself [Triple Strike] with its skill to really put the pressure on your opponent.
Use your skills efficiently to clear away your opponent’s Battle Cards, then go for the jugular.
Once your opponent’s life is low, force your opponent into the corner with {BT13-093 SS Trunks, Altering the Future}’s [Dual Attack].
No matter the situation, if you can use {BT17-148 Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might} in a combo, it’s going to give you the advantage and bring you closer to victory.
The deck also includes Extra Cards to help out your offense. Put them to good use to ensure your opponent goes down for the count.

-d. Defensive cards

{BT17-148 Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might} is extremely effective on defense, too. It has 30000 combo power, making it significantly more powerful than a standard [Super Combo] card. As if that wasn’t enough, you can also play it at the end of any battle where you use it in a combo, and switch 1 of your opponent’s Battle Cards to Rest Mode when you do. That’s right―it can shut down two of your opponent’s attacks for the price of a single card.
Use {PR-331 Mecha Frieza, Robotic Riposte} to shut off your opponent’s attacks, then go on a rampage with this card the following turn.

3. Synergistic picks

{BT17-148 Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might} needs you to be at [Activate : Battle] timing to use it in a combo, making your opponent’s [Counter : Attack] skills particularly annoying. Thankfully, {EX06-27 Swift Retaliation Cooler} will shut down any counter your opponent throws out. Bait out your opponent’s counters, then obliterate them with sheer combo power.
{BT3-104 Flying Nimbus} doesn’t give your cards a power boost like {BT15-119 Forbidden Power}, but it can shut down attacks on activation, making it preferable from a defensive standpoint. Find which cards fit your playstyle best, and use them to your advantage.

4. In Closing

Well, what did you think? We hope you enjoyed this in-depth look at {BT17-148 Piccolo & Son Gohan, Newfound Might} in action.
See you next column!

June 24, 2022
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team