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Store Championship

UNIVERSAL ONSLAUGHT (Series 9)Store Championship

New Store Championship events take the 2020 Organized Play season to greater heights!
Top-performing players can earn a powerful advantage that can be redeemed when they attend a Regional Championship event.

To celebrate the release of UNIVERSAL ONSLAUGHT (Series 9), stores can hold Store Championship events for the 2020 Organized Play season!

Make sure you participate to get started on your journey to the first-ever World Championship!

UNIVERSAL ONSLAUGHT (Series 9) Store Championship events will take place in March at your local game store!

*Events may differ by country or region.

Event Period
  • - March 1st – 31st, 2020
  • - Singles
  • - Constructed
  • - Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event.
  • - 60 minute, best of 3 game matches

Prize List

  • - Championship Pack 2020 x2
  • - Event Pack 05 x1
Top 1/8:
  • - 1 Round Bye at a Regional Championship event in 2020
  • - Championship Pack 2020 x2
  • - Championship Pack 2020 x3



Important Note:

A 1 Round Bye is awarded for every 8 players that enter a Store Championship event. If 17 players participate, byes will be awarded to the top two players after Swiss rounds have completed.

Byes won by players do not accumulate, and are only valid at one Regional Championship event of the player’s choosing. Once a Bye has been redeemed and used, it expires, and a new one must be won at a subsequent Store Championship event. Byes do not pass down to the next player if a player already has a bye.

Important Notice for Stores

Please note that it is a requirement that stores must have the latest version of TCG Meister installed with a valid license to be accepted to run this event.

Important Notice for Players in North America

It is mandatory for players to obtain a BCC ID via the following link to receive a 1 round bye.

North America

Important Notice for Players in Europe (English Version)

It is mandatory for players to obtain a BCC ID via the following link to receive a 1 round bye.
The French version’s BCC ID cannot be used.
For players who would like to join the Italian and French version of tournaments need to obtain a BCC ID via the corresponding websites.  

Europe (English Version)

  • * Events may differ by country or region.