Series 7: Assault of the Saiyans <DBS-B07>
Designer Notes – Volume 2

Assault of the Saiyans

Welcome back for our second volume of Designer Notes for Series 7 Assault of the Saiyans!

Green/Red : Saiyan Saga
Red/Green : Broly Saga
Blue/Yellow : Future Trunks Saga
Yellow/Blue : Universe Survival Saga
Black : Dark Demon Realm Saga

Today, we are looking at what you can expect from Red / Green (Broly Saga), Yellow / Blue (Universe Survival Saga) and other Series 7 inclusions! Tune in next week for the next designer notes update!

Broly Saga (Red/Green)

We’re putting Broly from DBZ in another main booster pack! Broly becomes trapped inside ice, but is revived and goes on a rampage! Broly is the strongest evil force the Z Warriors had to face up to this point!

The theme of this era is the battle between Gohan and friends and the revived evil Broly. One of the characteristics unique to red cards is the ability to deal direct damage to your opponent, and the front side of {BT7-001} has a skill that does just that! Combine that with {BT1-014 Saiyan Cabba}, recently reprinted in the Special Anniversary Box, and {BT4-012 Intensifying Power Trunks} to deal lots of damage to your opponent in the early game!

Broly has a new card called {BT7-022 Dormant Legend}, which allows him to break through the ice and play a Broly card to your field. {BT7-116 Broly, Rapid Barrage} has the [Arrival] skill from the latest Expansion Set, as well as an ability to stop your opponent from making combos. Not only can you use [Arrival] to get this bad boy in play easily, but it was designed so you can search it out with {BT1-076 Broly, Dawn of the Rampage} to put even more pressure on your opponent!

Universe Survival Saga (Yellow/Blue)

This theme is for warriors from Universe 6! The Leaders are Hit and Kefla, and there are some Champa and Vados cards as well!

This era’s theme is showcasing the teamwork of the warriors from Universe 6. {BT7-041 Kale, Timid Sister} and {BT7-074 Caulifla, the Bold Sister} have skills to search 《Universe 6》 cards and recover them from your Drop Area, making them a cornerstone of the deck. {BT7-085 Caulifla, the Bold Sister} can also search {P-141 Cabba, the Revoker} from Championship Pack 2019 and has a skill making it so she can’t be KO’d, making her a powerful card with multiple uses. {BT7-074 Hit} has skills to allow you to get cards from your life while playing blue or yellow 《Universe 6》 cards from your hand. And in this set, there’s plenty of 《Universe 6》 cards with energy costs of 2 or less giving players plenty of strategic options as they play.

Special Rarity

Fans always seem to love the unique rarities in each set, so we’re doing another one for Series 7! They’re called “Infinite Saiyan Rares”! And you might be surprised to know that this rarity ISN’T going to be made up of multicolor cards, but instead are cards designed for players who want to play mono-color decks.
Players don’t have to worry that DBSCG will be all about multicolor cards going forward, as mono-color decks will still have massive potential!

There are five cards in this rarity, all uniquely designed to draw out the full potential of each color’s specialties. And what’s even more surprising is that the characters are all Saiyans in some of their strongest forms! SS3 Nappa, SS3 Trunks, SS3 Broly, SS2 Kefla and SS Son Goku : Xeno! Some of these are special forms that don’t even appear in the original shows!


Series 7 is slated to release on August 2nd in North America, with Pre-Releases beginning on July 26th! By participating in a Pre-Release event, not only do you get Pre-Release cards, but you also get a chance to buy up to two boxes of the new set early and receive special alternate-art dash pack promotions! Invite your friends and make sure you make it to these amazing events!

For more details, click here!!

We didn’t talk about it in the text above, but this set also has some awesome Secret Rares too! We hope you’re looking forward to seeing what secrets we have in store this time around!

The new multicolor block Infinite Unity and Series 7 are finally about to begin!

We plan on holding Championships in various areas around the world, and Series 7 will definitely play a big part in those! If you have any friends who haven’t played DBSCG yet, please invite them to events and get them involved! We appreciate all the warm support you’ve given us until now and hope you all will continue doing so in the future!

June 21st, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team