Series 7: Assault of the Saiyans <DBS-B07>
Designer Notes – Volume 3

Assault of the Saiyans

Welcome back for our third and final volume of Designer Notes for Series 7 Assault of the Saiyans! Today we’re looking at the Starter Deck and Expert Deck releases.

Starter Deck/Expert Deck

Starting with Series 7, we’re releasing two pre-constructed decks to go with main boosters. One will be the standard Starter Deck, aimed towards giving beginners something easy to pick up and play. The second will be an Expert Deck, aimed at more experienced players. The names of these decks might be different, but they are both constructed with a clear strategy in mind, so all players can enjoy playing with either deck straight away!

This time the Starter Deck is called “Saiyan Legacy”, and was made to recreate the feel of the Saiyan army that King Vegeta once led. {SD9-01 King Vegeta} restricts players to only using 《Saiyan》 Battle Cards in their decks, but in exchange has a powerful search skill allowing you to add 《Saiyan》 cards or {SD9-05 King Vegeta’s Dynasty} to your hand. Once Awakened, King Vegeta gives players a choice between bumping his power by 5000 and giving him [Double Strike] or playing a Battle Card from your hand with an energy cost of 2 or less with its skills negated and draw a card. With a card like this, we hope that you can experience what it is like to be the king who led the Saiyan army!

Saiyan Legacy

The Expert Deck is called “Universe 6 Assailants”, and is focused around the bond between Vegeta and Cabba as master and student. {XD1-08 Vegeta & Cabba, Master-Pupil Bond} has [Aegis] from the most recent Expansion Set, as well as a support ability that goes off when you use [Aegis], allowing you to play a blue or yellow 《Universe 6》card in your Drop Area with an energy cost of 2 or less. This card can be the starting point in strategies that revolve around playing Battle Cards during your opponent’s turn. {XD1-04 Sisterly Bonds Kale} has a skill that allows you to play a blue or yellow 〈Cabba〉or 〈Caulifla〉card with an energy cost of 2 or less from your deck. You can use that skill to play cards like {XD1-07 Caulifla, Troublemaker of Universe 6} or {BT7-085 Caulifla, the Bold Sister}, increasing the consistency in any deck you choose to play this card in.

Universe 6 Assailants

If you have any friends who haven’t played DBSCG yet, these new pre-constructed decks will make it easy for them to join an event and play! Store events and Championship events will be happening all over the world.

We appreciate all the warm support you’ve given us until now and hope you all will continue doing so in the future!

June 28th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team