Exhibition EventTo celebrate the launch of the new Broly movie, we're launching an exclusive DBS: Broly Pack promotion!

There are three different types of DBS: Broly Promotion Packs to collect!
Let’s look at how you can get your hands on each one!

Check out these prizes you can get!
② Super Dash Pack Campaign
DBS:Broly Pack vol.2

Players who visit their friendly local brick and mortar game store and purchase 12 Series 6 Boosters in-store will receive a DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 2!

*DBS:Broly Pack vol. 2 comes in five types, each containing one card.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.2

Only available in stores!

  • *Each pack includes one of five cards selected at random.
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Please confirm supplies with store in advance when purchasing.

The card list is here!!

③ DBSCG Celebrations at stores

The card list is here!!

  • - DBS: Broly Pack vol.3 ×4
【Second – Third Place】
  • - Merit Card ×1(Broly)
【First Place】
  • - Playmat×1(Gogeta)
  • - Merit Card ×1(Gogeta)
  • *DBS:Broly Pack vol.3 comes in four types, each containing four cards.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.3

  • *Each pack contains the same set of four cards.
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Please check the event details page for details on pack distribution.

The card list is here!!

Merit Cards
【Second – Third Place】
Merit Cards
【First Place】
Merit Cards
【First Place】
play mat
DBSCG Celebrations at stores Locations
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Denmark
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • United-Kingdom
  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.
We post the dates provided by stores on our tournament schedule.
Bandai/distributors will not hold responsibility for any changes to schedule or tournament contents on the behalf of the store.
Please contact the store for tournament details before participating in an event.

The promotion is over.

① Bring a friend! Unleash Broly's true might!
DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 1

A product purchase promotion that rewards you and a friend!

  • Step 1: Bring a friend to your friendly local brick and mortar game store.
  • Step 2: Buy two starters and six boosters during the promotional period (1/11-2/28) to play!
  • Step 3: Each of you will receive DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 1 during the promotional period!

*Each pack contains one of two unique pairs of cards.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.1

  • *All pack contents are identical. Two cards are included in each pack.
  • *Please confirm supplies with store prior to purchasing.
  • *Limit one pack per person, per store. Two packs - one per person - will be provided with the first bundle set purchased. Purchasing subsequent bundle sets will not receive additional sets of DBS: Broly Pack Vol.1
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Promotion is subject to change without notice.

The card list is here!!