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BANDAI Tutorial Event

We realize there is extreme uncertainty about when events will be able to resume. Stores are independent of Bandai and should act in the best interests of their community, being mindful of safety of players. We ask stores to only hold tournaments when it is safe and legal to do so. Players are encouraged to check with your local gaming stores prior to visiting.


To help encourage even more players to start playing Bandai card games, we have made Tutorial Kits that will be provided to stores in coming October!

Bandai Tutorial kit contains materials for up to 18 players for Dragon Ball Super Card Game.

Stores need to register on BCC and receive up to 1 kit. Apply now while supplies last!

  • *1 kit contains demo decks for Dragon Ball Super Card Game and Digimon Card Game.
  • *Stores may choose to hold the event in a way that best suits the store environment.
BANDAI Tutorial Kit

*The Bandai Tutorial kit contains DBSCG materials for up to 18 player.

  • - 3 types of half deck (26 cards/1 half deck)

    *Players pick up 1 half deck.

  • - Rule manual for players ×18
  • - Play sheet for players ×18
  • - Questionnaire for stores ×1
  • - Tutorial manual for stores ×1
  • - Poster for stores ×1


Tutorial period

20 October - 20 November, 2021

At your friendly local game store.
Please consult your local gaming store for details.


Coming soon!

  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.