Vermilion Bloodline Store Championship

We realize there is extreme uncertainty about when events will be able to resume. Stores are independent of Bandai and should act in the best interests of their community, being mindful of safety of players. We ask stores to only hold tournaments when it is safe and legal to do so. Players are encouraged to check with your local gaming stores prior to visiting.


To celebrate the release of Set 2 in the Unison Warrior Series, stores can hold the Vermilion Bloodline Store Championship in November. Come join the fun by using your Vermilion Bloodline cards at the Store Championship! Be sure to participate and get your Revision Pack 2020!

  • *Please note that this is NOT part of the 2020 Championship season as it is too early to determine when it would be safe and legal to run larger events due to the current situation caused by COVID-19. This means 1 round byes will NOT be granted to the winners.
  • *Only Unison Warrior Series cards from Set 1, Set 2, and related PR cards are allowed in this tournament. Please see the list below for full details.
    Players may resume using all cards at “Unison Warrior Series Tournaments”
Event Period
  • - 1-30 November 2020
  • - Singles
  • - Constructed
  • - Swiss Rounds. No Top Cut is supported for this event.
  • - 60 minute, best of 3 game matches
  • - Only Unison Warrior Series Cards from Set 1, Set 2, and related PR cards are allowed in this tournament. (See list below)
The Deck List is here!
No. Color Card Name Category Rarity
BT10-001 Red Yamcha, Supersonic Striker LEADER Uncommon
BT10-002 Red Pilaf, Shu, and Mai Assemble! LEADER Common
BT10-003 Red Vegito, Unison of Might UNISON Super Rare
BT10-004 Red Syn Shenron, Unison of Calamity UNISON Super Rare
BT10-005 Red Vegeta, Elite Unison UNISON Uncommon
BT10-006 Red Son Goku, Savagery Awakened BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-007 Red Son Goku, Bursting with Energy BATTLE Rare
BT10-008 Red Yamcha, Merciless Barrage BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-009 Red Yamcha, the Desert Hyena BATTLE Rare
BT10-010 Red Master Roshi, Martial Virtuoso BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-011 Red Bulma the Bunny Girl BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-012 Red Bulma, Out Adventuring BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-013 Red Chi-Chi, Ox-King's Daughter BATTLE Common
BT10-014 Red Innocent Princess Chi-Chi BATTLE Common
BT10-015 Red Oolong, the Many-Faced BATTLE Common
BT10-016 Red Oolong, Goku's Pal BATTLE Rare
BT10-017 Red Puar, Yamcha's Sidekick BATTLE Common
BT10-018 Red Ox-King BATTLE Common
BT10-019 Red Pilaf, Plotting World Domination BATTLE Common
BT10-020 Red Pilaf, Dragon Ball Chaser BATTLE Common
BT10-021 Red Shu, Pilaf's Admirer BATTLE Common
BT10-022 Red Shu, Dragon Ball Chaser BATTLE Common
BT10-023 Red Mai, the Gang's Femme Fatale BATTLE Common
BT10-024 Red Mai, Dragon Ball Chaser BATTLE Common
BT10-025 Red Pilaf Machine, the Master Bot BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-026 Red Pilaf Machine, Ostrich Form BATTLE Rare
BT10-027 Red Mercenary Tao, Unequaled Assassin BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-028 Red Pilaf's Castle EXTRA Common
BT10-029 Red Pilaf Missile EXTRA Rare
BT10-030 Red Wolf Fang Fist EXTRA Super Rare
BT10-031 Blue SS2 Trunks, Envoy of Justice LEADER Common
BT10-032 Blue Fused Zamasu, Divine Ruinbringer LEADER Uncommon
BT10-033 Blue SS Gotenks, Absolute Unison UNISON Super Rare
BT10-034 Blue Supreme Kai of Time, Unison of History UNISON Uncommon
BT10-035 Blue Zen-Oh, Cosmic Unison UNISON Super Rare
BT10-036 Blue SSB Son Goku, Hope for Victory BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-037 Blue Son Goku BATTLE Common
BT10-038 Blue Son Goku, Warrior That Crossed Time BATTLE Common
BT10-039 Blue Son Gohan, Accelerated Slam BATTLE Common
BT10-040 Blue SSB Vegeta, Blaze of Passion BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-041 Blue Vegeta, Savior of the Future BATTLE Common
BT10-042 Blue Vegeta, Warrior That Crossed Time BATTLE Common
BT10-043 Blue SS2 Trunks, for a Brighter Future BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-044 Blue SS Trunks, God-Sealing Technique BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-045 Blue SSB Vegito, Paralyzing Prowess BATTLE Rare
BT10-046 Blue Vegito, Infinite Radiance BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-047 Blue Bulma, Master Scientist BATTLE Common
BT10-048 Blue Mai, Bulwark of the Future BATTLE Common
BT10-049 Blue Respectful Master Gowasu BATTLE Common
BT10-050 Blue Goku Black Rosé, Lofty Aspirations BATTLE Rare
BT10-051 Blue Goku Black, Future Decimator BATTLE Rare
BT10-052 Blue Fused Zamasu, the Divine Immortal BATTLE Rare
BT10-053 Blue Fused Zamasu, Advocate for Evil BATTLE Common
BT10-054 Blue Zamasu, Cosmic Traitor BATTLE Common
BT10-055 Blue Zen-Oh, Edge of Space BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-056 Blue Final Hope Slash EXTRA Super Rare
BT10-057 Blue God-Slicing Black Kamehameha EXTRA Rare
BT10-058 Blue Tragedy Overground EXTRA Common
BT10-059 Blue Absolute Confidence EXTRA Common
BT10-060 Green Ferocious Strike SS Son Goku LEADER Uncommon
BT10-061 Green Ginyu, New Leader of the Force LEADER Common
BT10-062 Green SS Bardock, Paternal Unison UNISON Super Rare
BT10-063 Green Golden Frieza, Unison of Malice UNISON Super Rare
BT10-064 Green Demigra, Unison of Sorcery UNISON Uncommon
BT10-065 Green SS Son Goku, Pride of the Saiyans BATTLE Rare
BT10-066 Green Intensive Training Son Goku BATTLE Rare
BT10-067 Green Son Gohan, Potential Unlocked BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-068 Green Vegeta, the Lone Prince BATTLE Common
BT10-069 Green Ultimate Power Piccolo BATTLE Common
BT10-070 Green Krillin, Potential Unlocked BATTLE Rare
BT10-071 Green Bulma, Life on Namek BATTLE Common
BT10-072 Green Frieza, Cosmic Horror BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-073 Green Frieza, Terrifying Transformation BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-074 Green Frieza BATTLE Common
BT10-075 Green Frieza, Charismatic Villain BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-076 Green Ginyu, Backbone of the Force BATTLE Common
BT10-077 Green Ginyu the Bodysnatcher BATTLE Common
BT10-078 Green Recoome the Musclehead BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-079 Green Jeice, Second in Command BATTLE Common
BT10-080 Green Burter, Fastest in the Universe BATTLE Common
BT10-081 Green Guldo, Psycho Psychic BATTLE Common
BT10-082 Green Dodoria, Brimming with Power BATTLE Rare
BT10-083 Green Dodoria the Cold-Blooded BATTLE Common
BT10-084 Green Zarbon, Victory Over Beauty BATTLE Common
BT10-085 Green Zarbon the Gorgeous BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-086 Green Frieza, Dark Infestation BATTLE Rare
BT10-087 Green Frieza the Power Monger BATTLE Common
BT10-088 Green Dormant Potential Unleashed EXTRA Super Rare
BT10-089 Green Blue Impulse EXTRA Common
BT10-090 Green Dark Death Ball EXTRA Rare
BT10-091 Green One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA Uncommon
BT10-092 Yellow SS Gotenks, Display of Mastery LEADER Common
BT10-093 Yellow Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Overflow LEADER Uncommon
BT10-094 Yellow SS Broly, Legendary Unison UNISON Uncommon
BT10-095 Yellow SS Gogeta, Dynamic Unison UNISON Super Rare
BT10-096 Yellow Mechikabura, Plotting Revival UNISON Super Rare
BT10-097 Yellow Son Goku, Absolute Annihilation BATTLE Rare
BT10-098 Yellow Technique Chain Son Goku BATTLE Common
BT10-099 Yellow Son Goku, Adventure into the Unknown BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-100 Yellow Counterblast Son Gohan BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-101 Yellow Son Goten, Flash of Brilliance BATTLE Common
BT10-102 Yellow Son Goten the Eager BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-103 Yellow Pan the Earnest BATTLE Common
BT10-104 Yellow Pan BATTLE Common
BT10-105 Yellow Vegeta, Prideful Transformation BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-106 Yellow Vegeta, Earthbound Pride BATTLE Common
BT10-107 Yellow Vegeta the Impregnable BATTLE Common
BT10-108 Yellow Trunks, Flash of Brilliance BATTLE Common
BT10-109 Yellow Trunks the Eager BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-110 Yellow Gotenks, Going All-Out BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-111 Yellow Gotenks, Overwhelming Might BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-112 Yellow Gotenks, the Power of Fusion BATTLE Rare
BT10-113 Yellow Bulma, Devoted Supporter BATTLE Rare
BT10-114 Yellow Giru, the Dragon Ball Discoverer BATTLE Common
BT10-115 Yellow Syn Shenron, Destruction Incarnate BATTLE Rare
BT10-116 Yellow Syn Shenron, Shadow Dragon Leader BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-117 Yellow Haze Shenron, Venomous Mist BATTLE Rare
BT10-118 Yellow Haze Shenron, the Poisonmancer BATTLE Common
BT10-119 Yellow Negative Energy One-Star Ball BATTLE Common
BT10-120 Yellow Negative Energy Two-Star Ball BATTLE Common
BT10-121 Yellow Dark Dragon-Slaying Bullet EXTRA Rare
BT10-122 Yellow Burning Kamehameha EXTRA Common
BT10-123 Yellow Released from Evil EXTRA Super Rare
BT10-124 Yellow Two-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA Common
BT10-125 Black Shenron, Unison of Rescue UNISON Super Rare
BT10-126 Black Majin Buu, Wickedness Incarnate BATTLE Rare
BT10-127 Black Bardock the Resolute BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-128 Black Son Goku, Power of Legend BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-129 Black Vegeta, Demonstration of Might BATTLE Common
BT10-130 Black Trunks, Elite Descendant BATTLE Common
BT10-131 Black Vegeks, Burning Impact Unleashed BATTLE Common
BT10-132 Black Vegeks, Spacetime Synthesis BATTLE Rare
BT10-133 Black Demigra, the Sinister Sorcerer BATTLE Common
BT10-134 Black Mira, Explosion of Energy BATTLE Common
BT10-135 Black Mira, Faithful Servant BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-136 Black Towa, Twisted Sister BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-137 Black Towa, Secret Maneuver BATTLE Common
BT10-138 Black Gravy, the Dark Sorcerer BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-139 Black Putine, the Dark Sorcerer BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-140 Black Secret Identity Masked Saiyan BATTLE Rare
BT10-141 Black Mechikabura, the Broken Seal BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-142 Black Burning Impact EXTRA Rare
BT10-143 Black Time Bullet EXTRA Uncommon
BT10-144 Red/Green Vegeta & Trunks, No Holds Barred BATTLE Rare
BT10-145 Blue/Yellow Son Goku & Hit, Supreme Alliance BATTLE Rare
BT10-146 Red/Yellow Vegeta & Bulma, Joined by Fate BATTLE Rare
BT10-147 Blue/Green Son Gohan & Piccolo, Skills Sharpened BATTLE Rare
BT10-148 Red/Blue Son Goku, Rival Seeker BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-149 Red/Blue Frieza, Colossal Dynamo BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-150 Green/Yellow Cell, the Dark Parasite BATTLE Super Rare
BT10-151 Green/Yellow Jiren, Alien Power BATTLE Uncommon
BT10-152 Green Great Ape Masked Saiyan, Primal Carnage BATTLE Secret Rare
BT10-153 Yellow SS3 Gotenks, Blazing Fusion BATTLE Secret Rare
BT10-154 Black SS4 Gogeta, Peerless Fusion BATTLE Secret Rare
BT11-001 Red Gogeta LEADER Common
BT11-001 Red SSB Gogeta, Prophet of Demise LEADER Common
BT11-002 Red Broly LEADER Uncommon
BT11-002 Red Broly, the Awakened Demon LEADER Uncommon
BT11-003 Red Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might UNISON Super Rare
BT11-003 Red Gotenks, Earth-Shattering Might UNISON Special Rare
BT11-004 Red Kale, Savage Berserker UNISON Rare
BT11-005 Red Raditz, Saiyan Youth BATTLE Rare
BT11-006 Red SSB Son Goku, Technique Unchained BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-007 Red Son Goku BATTLE Common
BT11-008 Red Son Goku, Saiyan Youth BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-009 Red SSB Vegeta, Technique Unchained BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-010 Red Vegeta BATTLE Common
BT11-011 Red Vegeta, Saiyan Youth BATTLE Common
BT11-012 Red SSB Gogeta, Technique Unchained BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-012 Red SSB Gogeta, Technique Unchained BATTLE Special Rare
BT11-013 Red Gogeta, Fusion of the Gods BATTLE Rare
BT11-014 Red SS Broly, Unlimited Power BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-015 Red SS Broly, Combat Evolution BATTLE Rare
BT11-016 Red Broly, Power of the Great Ape BATTLE Rare
BT11-017 Red Broly, Bonafide Saiyan BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-018 Red Broly, Saiyan Youth BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-019 Red Ba, Broly's First Friend BATTLE Common
BT11-020 Red Goliamite, Beast of the Planet Vampa BATTLE Common
BT11-021 Red Paragus, Oath of Vengeance BATTLE Common
BT11-022 Red Paragus, New Ambitions BATTLE Common
BT11-023 Red Cheelai, Trusted Friend BATTLE Common
BT11-024 Red Lemo, Trusted Friend BATTLE Common
BT11-025 Red Bardock, Strategic Mind BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-026 Red Nappa, Elite Warrior BATTLE Common
BT11-027 Red Seven-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA Common
BT11-028 Red Planet Vampa EXTRA Rare
BT11-029 Red Birth of a Super Warrior EXTRA Uncommon
BT11-030 Red Violent Rays EXTRA Super Rare
BT11-031 Blue Baby LEADER Common
BT11-031 Blue Baby, Spirit of the Tuffles LEADER Common
BT11-032 Blue Vegeta LEADER Uncommon
BT11-032 Blue SS4 Vegeta, Ultimate Evolution LEADER Uncommon
BT11-033 Blue Baby, the Unknown Parasite UNISON Super Rare
BT11-034 Blue SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the Earth UNISON Super Rare
BT11-034 Blue SS4 Son Goku, Protector of the Earth UNISON Special Rare
BT11-035 Blue Son Gohan, Baby's Minion BATTLE Rare
BT11-036 Blue Son Goten, Baby's Minion BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-037 Blue Bulma, Baby's Minion BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-038 Blue Bulla, Baby's Minion BATTLE Rare
BT11-039 Blue Uub BATTLE Common
BT11-040 Blue Uub, Power of Hope BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-041 Blue Mr. Buu BATTLE Common
BT11-042 Blue Baby, Golden Avenger BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-043 Blue Baby, the Saiyan Slayer BATTLE Rare
BT11-044 Blue Baby, Artificial Lifeform BATTLE Common
BT11-045 Blue Baby, Diabolic Parasite BATTLE Common
BT11-046 Blue Baby, the Body Snatcher BATTLE Common
BT11-047 Blue Baby, Successor of the Tuffle King BATTLE Common
BT11-048 Blue Dr. Myuu, Creator of the Machine Mutants BATTLE Common
BT11-049 Blue SS4 Son Goku, Energy Annihilator BATTLE Rare
BT11-050 Blue SS3 Son Goku, Overflowing Spirit BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-051 Blue Son Goku, Shadow Dragon Suppressor BATTLE Common
BT11-052 Blue SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-052 Blue SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior BATTLE Special Rare
BT11-053 Blue Vegeta, Ready to Rumble BATTLE Rare
BT11-054 Blue Vegeta, Disciplined Warrior BATTLE Rare
BT11-055 Blue Bulma, Wife of the Prince BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-056 Blue Gotenks, Return of the Reaper of Justice BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-057 Blue Super Blutz Wave Generator EXTRA Common
BT11-058 Blue Planet Tuffle EXTRA Common
BT11-059 Blue Golden Revenge EXTRA Uncommon
BT11-060 Blue Final Shine Attack EXTRA Common
BT11-061 Green Gotenks LEADER Common
BT11-061 Green Gotenks, Extravagant Assault LEADER Common
BT11-062 Green Vegeta & Babidi LEADER Uncommon
BT11-062 Green Babidi & Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Mightiest Majin LEADER Uncommon
BT11-063 Green SS3 Vegito, Peerless Warrior UNISON Rare
BT11-064 Green Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil UNISON Super Rare
BT11-064 Green Dark Broly, Overwhelming Evil UNISON Special Rare
BT11-065 Green Great Saiyaman, Vanquisher of Villainy BATTLE Rare
BT11-066 Green Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful Warrior BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-066 Green Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Prideful Warrior BATTLE Special Rare
BT11-067 Green Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Life and Death BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-068 Green Mighty Strike Prince of Destruction Vegeta BATTLE Rare
BT11-069 Green Videl, a Hero's Daughter BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-070 Green Majin Buu, Ghastly Energy BATTLE Common
BT11-071 Green Babidi, Evil Mindsnatcher BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-072 Green Bibidi, Creator of Majin Buu BATTLE Common
BT11-073 Green Dabura, King of the Demon Realm BATTLE Common
BT11-074 Green SS3 Son Goku, to New Extremes BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-075 Green Super Saiyan Son Goku BATTLE Common
BT11-076 Green Son Gohan BATTLE Common
BT11-077 Green Son Gohan, Here to Help BATTLE Common
BT11-078 Green Son Goten, Bonds of Friendship BATTLE Common
BT11-079 Green Trunks, Bonds of Friendship BATTLE Common
BT11-080 Green SS Gotenks, Friendship Fusion BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-081 Green SS3 Gotenks, All-Out Assault BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-082 Green Majin Buu, Looking for a Fight BATTLE Common
BT11-083 Green Majin Buu, Royal Absorption BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-084 Green Majin Buu, Dark Parasite BATTLE Rare
BT11-085 Green Demon God Dabura, Dark Dominion BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-086 Green Dabura, Dark Gambit BATTLE Rare
BT11-087 Green Three-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA Common
BT11-088 Green The Majin Quickening EXTRA Common
BT11-089 Green Final Explosion EXTRA Rare
BT11-090 Green Buu Buu Volleyball EXTRA Uncommon
BT11-091 Yellow Son Gohan LEADER Uncommon
BT11-091 Yellow Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Boundless Friendship LEADER Uncommon
BT11-092 Yellow Garlic Jr. LEADER Common
BT11-092 Yellow Garlic Jr., the Immortal Demon LEADER Common
BT11-093 Yellow Son Goku, Forever in Our Memories UNISON Rare
BT11-094 Yellow Baby, Resolute Avenger UNISON Super Rare
BT11-094 Yellow Baby, Resolute Avenger UNISON Special Rare
BT11-095 Yellow Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Flying High BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-096 Yellow Son Gohan BATTLE Common
BT11-097 Yellow Krillin, Moments Before Comeback BATTLE Rare
BT11-098 Yellow Piccolo, a Bad Omen BATTLE Common
BT11-099 Yellow Piccolo, Demonic Transformation BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-100 Yellow Yamcha, Demonic Transformation BATTLE Common
BT11-101 Yellow Master Roshi, Demonic Transformation BATTLE Common
BT11-102 Yellow Bulma, Demonic Transformation BATTLE Common
BT11-103 Yellow Hire-Dragon BATTLE Common
BT11-104 Yellow Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead Zone BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-104 Yellow Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead Zone BATTLE Special Rare
BT11-105 Yellow Garlic Jr., Commander of the Demon Clan BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-106 Yellow Gassyu of the Demonic Elite Four BATTLE Common
BT11-107 Yellow Vinegar of the Demonic Elite Four BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-108 Yellow Tardo of the Demonic Elite Four BATTLE Common
BT11-109 Yellow Zoldo of the Demonic Elite Four BATTLE Common
BT11-110 Yellow Exceptional Ability Pan BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-111 Yellow Eis Shenron, the Diabolic BATTLE Rare
BT11-112 Yellow Eis Shenron, the Cryomancer BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-113 Yellow Super Naturon Shenron, Pan Absorbed BATTLE Rare
BT11-114 Yellow Naturon Shenron, the Terramancer BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-115 Yellow Three-Star Ball, Negative Energy Overflow BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-116 Yellow Seven-Star Ball, Negative Energy Overflow BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-117 Yellow Super Water of the Gods EXTRA Common
BT11-118 Yellow Energy Field EXTRA Common
BT11-119 Yellow Makyo Star EXTRA Rare
BT11-120 Yellow Super Ice Ray EXTRA Rare
BT11-121 Black Son Goku LEADER Common
BT11-121 Black SS4 Son Goku, Guardian of History LEADER Common
BT11-122 Black Dark Broly & Paragus LEADER Uncommon
BT11-122 Black Dark Broly & Paragus, the Corrupted LEADER Uncommon
BT11-123 Black SS4 Son Gohan, Beyond the Ultimate UNISON Super Rare
BT11-123 Black SS4 Son Gohan, Beyond the Ultimate UNISON Special Rare
BT11-124 Black SS4 Vegeta, Supreme Saiyan Power UNISON Super Rare
BT11-125 Black SS Broly, the Rampaging Monstrosity UNISON Rare
BT11-126 Black SS4 Son Goku, Conqueror of Evil BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-127 Black SS3 Son Goku, Man on a Mission BATTLE Rare
BT11-128 Black SS Son Goku, Time Patrol Elite BATTLE Common
BT11-129 Black SS3 Vegeta, Unstoppable Evolution BATTLE Rare
BT11-130 Black SS Vegeta, the Prince Strikes Back BATTLE Rare
BT11-131 Black SS4 Bardock, Combat Instincts BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-131 Black SS4 Bardock, Combat Instincts BATTLE Special Rare
BT11-132 Black SS Bardock, the Tenacious BATTLE Rare
BT11-133 Black Dark Broly, Demon Realm Ravager BATTLE Rare
BT11-134 Black Dark Broly, Uncontrollable Berserker BATTLE Super Rare
BT11-135 Black Dark Broly, the New Masked Saiyan BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-136 Black Paragus, Towa's Subordinate BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-137 Black Ultimate Transformation Mira BATTLE Common
BT11-138 Black Mira, Arcane Overflow BATTLE Common
BT11-139 Black Towa, Union of Magic and Science BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-140 Black Towa, Dark Aura Deluge BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-141 Black Putine BATTLE Common
BT11-142 Black Gravy BATTLE Common
BT11-143 Black Shun Shun, Haru Haru's Sister BATTLE Common
BT11-144 Black Haru Haru, Shun Shun's Sister BATTLE Common
BT11-145 Black Psi Devilman, Exploding With Evil BATTLE Common
BT11-146 Black Great Devilman, Demonic Trickster BATTLE Common
BT11-147 Black Broly, Savage Rush BATTLE Uncommon
BT11-148 Black Rebellion Hammer EXTRA Uncommon
BT11-149 Black Dark Power Absorption EXTRA Common
BT11-150 Black Darkness Blast Stinger EXTRA Common
BT11-151 Black Instant Transmission 10x Kamehameha EXTRA Uncommon
BT11-152 Red SS4 Broly, the Great Destroyer BATTLE Secret Rare
BT11-153 Blue Baby Hatchhyack, Saiyan Destroyer BATTLE Secret Rare
BT11-154 Black Vegito, Warrior From Another Dimension UNISON Secret Rare
SD12-01 Blue SSB Vegito, Godhood Transcended LEADER Starter Rare
SD12-02 Blue Gogeta, Pursuit of Power UNISON Starter Rare
SD12-03 Blue SSB Son Goku, Tenacious Warrior BATTLE Starter Rare
SD12-04 Blue SSB Vegeta, Heroic Warrior BATTLE Starter Rare
SD12-05 Blue SS Trunks, Architect of Peace BATTLE Starter Rare
SD13-01 Green Last Resort Frieza LEADER Starter Rare
SD13-02 Green Frieza : Xeno, Darkness Overflowing UNISON Starter Rare
SD13-03 Green Ginyu, Frieza's Greatest Soldier BATTLE Starter Rare
SD13-04 Green Zarbon, Frieza's Right-Hand Man BATTLE Starter Rare
SD13-05 Green Dodoria, Frieza's Devoted Servant BATTLE Starter Rare
SD14-01 Black Vegeks, the Unsung Fusion Hero LEADER Starter Rare
SD14-02 Black SS Gotenks, Fusion of Friendship UNISON Starter Rare
SD14-03 Black Time Agent Vegeta BATTLE Starter Rare
SD14-04 Black Time Agent Trunks BATTLE Starter Rare
SD14-05 Black Supreme Kai of Time, Guardian of Spacetime BATTLE Starter Rare
P-211 Blue SSGSS Son Goku, Soul Striker Reborn LEADER Promotion
P-212 Blue SS Rosé Goku Black, Unison of Extermination UNISON Promotion
P-213 Black Towa, Dark Sorceress BATTLE Promotion
P-214 Red Son Goku the Purehearted BATTLE Promotion
P-215 Red Yamcha the Lawless BATTLE Promotion
P-216 Red Pilaf, Innovative Emperor BATTLE Promotion
P-217 Blue SSB Son Goku the Boundless BATTLE Promotion
P-218 Blue Vegeta, the Fortifier BATTLE Promotion
P-219 Blue SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect BATTLE Promotion
P-220 Blue SSB Vegito, Soaring Blow BATTLE Promotion
P-221 Green Swift Massacre Frieza BATTLE Promotion
P-222 Green Ginyu, Captain of the Elite BATTLE Promotion
P-223 Green Zarbon, Cosmic Elite BATTLE Promotion
P-224 Green Dodoria the Boastful BATTLE Promotion
P-225 Yellow SS Son Goten, Primed for Fusion BATTLE Promotion
P-226 Yellow SS Trunks, Primed for Fusion BATTLE Promotion
P-227 Yellow SS Gotenks, Matchless Fusion BATTLE Promotion
P-228 Yellow Syn Shenron, Harbinger of Ruin BATTLE Promotion
P-229 Black SS Trunks, Solitary Guardian BATTLE Promotion
P-230 Black SS Vegeks, Mastery Merged BATTLE Promotion
P-231 Black Towa, Dark Imperial Scientist BATTLE Promotion
P-232 Yellow Syn Shenron, Negative Energy Incarnate BATTLE Promotion
P-243 Black Son Gohan LEADER Promotion
P-243 Black SS4 Son Gohan, Awakened Ability LEADER Promotion
P-244 Black Piccolo, Savior From the Beyond UNISON Promotion
P-245 Red Gogeta, the Eclipser BATTLE Promotion
P-246 Red Son Goku, Godly Aura BATTLE Promotion
P-247 Red Vegeta, Godly Aura BATTLE Promotion
P-248 Red Broly, Astonishing Potential BATTLE Promotion
P-249 Red Son Goku, Superdimensional Awakening UNISON Promotion
P-250 Blue Son Goku, Power of the Golden Great Ape UNISON Promotion
P-250 Blue Son Goku, Power of the Golden Great Ape UNISON Promotion
P-251 Blue Bulma, at Her Husband's Side BATTLE Promotion
P-252 Blue Baby, Saiyan Power Absorbed BATTLE Promotion
P-253 Blue Revenge Big Bang Attack EXTRA Promotion
P-254 Green Gotenks, Greatest Fusion of Them All BATTLE Promotion
P-254 Green Gotenks, Greatest Fusion of Them All BATTLE Promotion
P-255 Green Son Goten, Brimming With Talent BATTLE Promotion
P-256 Green Trunks, Brimming With Talent BATTLE Promotion
P-257 Green Prince of Destruction Vegeta, Evil Awakened BATTLE Promotion
P-258 Yellow Son Gohan & Hire-Dragon, Best Buddies BATTLE Promotion
P-259 Yellow Chi-Chi, Demonic Transformation BATTLE Promotion
P-260 Yellow Surprise Attack Naturon Shenron BATTLE Promotion
P-260 Yellow Surprise Attack Naturon Shenron BATTLE Promotion
P-261 Black SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate BATTLE Promotion
P-261 Black SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate BATTLE Promotion
P-262 Black SS4 Son Goku, Beyond All Limits BATTLE Promotion
P-263 Black Masked Saiyan, Brainwashed No More BATTLE Promotion

Prize List

  • - Revision Pack 2020 x3
  • - Championship Pack 2020 Vol.2 x2
  • - Event Pack 06 x1
  • - Revision Pack 2020 x2
  • - Championship Pack 2020 Vol.2 x2
  • - Event Pack 06 x1
  • * Again, 1 round byes will NOT be granted to the winners as this is not part of the 2020 Championship season.




Guidelines for Distributing Prizes

We recommend stores to distribute the prizes while they are unable to run events.

The following guidelines are created for stores to follow:

  • 1. We recommend stores to give out participation promo prizes with product purchase that is equivalent to the cost of tournament entry. We recommend limiting this to 1 per player to avoid disappointment.
  • 2. Each kit also includes winner prizes. We recommend the store either:
  • a) use this prize as a random lucky prize for a player that purchases six booster packs. Further purchases (starter decks, booster boxes) may allow additional entries.
    We ask stores to double check their local regulations to make sure this giveaway is permitted in their state / territory.
  • b) to use this prize for a future tournament once events are allowed back in-store.

On top of the participation and winner prizes that are included in the kit, stores will receive an additional 5 packs of Revision Pack 2020 for every event they registered. Stores may decide how they would like to utilize the Revision Packs.

Please consult your local gaming store for details.

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  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.
We post the dates provided by stores on our tournament schedule.
Bandai/distributors will not hold responsibility for any changes to schedule or tournament contents on the behalf of the store.
Please contact the store for tournament details before participating in an event.