Clash of Fates Design Outline


Hello, DBSCG players! Time for the final designer commentary of 2018.

Soon, Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be in theaters around the world. Japan got to see it a bit early, and Japanese fans are already going crazy over the astonishing battle scenes! We hope you’re looking forward to it!
Now then, let’s take a look at Themed Booster 03: Clash of Fates, which goes on sale January 18th, 2019.
We’ve mentioned this in designer commentary before, but:
Unlike main series boosters, with characters from across Dragon Ball history, Themed Boosters are meant to have a clear theme.
Unlike main series boosters, which allow players to make stronger decks by combining them with other cards in the same block, themed boosters are intended to allow players to make several different decks using just the cards from the themed booster.
Clash of Fates is centered around quite possibly the most popular story arc in Dragon Ball history: the Frieza Saga. There are plenty of characters that also show up in the new movie, making it a great choice for new players psyched up to play DBSCG after leaving the theater. If you have friends who love the Frieza Saga or want to get started with DBSCG, Clash of Fates is a fantastic starting point.
Now then, let’s talk about the contents of the set!

  • Red: Frieza Saga
  • Blue: Bardock’s Crew
  • Green: Goku and the other heroes
  • Yellow: Namekians
  • Black: Porunga

The Red Frieza cards mark the first appearance of Frieza’s second and third form in DBSCG. They have the Swap keyword from Colossal Warfare, providing an all-new form-changing play style. We had to come up with a skill worthy of Frieza’s final form, so we gave him the ability to negate your opponent’s card skills as they come into play! We also put the Ginyu Force in red, with a card that recreates the famous Body Change scene!
In blue, we have Bardock’s Crew, with cards that bring their fight against Frieza’s army to life. Fittingly, the SR Bardock card recreates him taking the headband of Toma, his fallen comrade, and steeling himself for a lonely battle against impossible odds. He also forces your opponent to discard cards every time he switches to Active Mode, with cards like Fasha and the red headband as support. We want everyone to experience what it feels like to use the new Bardock when he’s fully powered up by his crewmates!
For the green heroes, we wanted them to be designed around the scene where Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan for the first time. You’ll use Goku’s allies in the early game. Then, once you hit the mid- and late-game, Krillin’s death triggers the arrival of SR Goku, who leads you to victory!
The yellow Namekians were designed around the scenes where Piccolo gains the power to stand against Frieza in battle. After Porunga grants your wish, you can play the super rare Piccolo! This versatile Battle Card represents Piccolo after fusing with Nail, and can hinder your opponent or power up depending on the state of the game! Use the other yellow cards to support your gameplan and mislead opponents!
The black Porunga cards offer a suite of support abilities that synergize with both the green heroes and yellow Namekians, giving you a wealth of deckbuilding options. You can also combine them with cards from the main boosters to craft unique strategies of your very own!
Famous lines from the TV series and movies are included on the super rares this time, which use an all-new design. Only super rares had special rares up until now, but this set gives normal rares the special rare treatment too! Clash of Fates also introduces the first special rare Extra Card! We hope players read their favorite lines out loud during games, recreating their favorite scenes in the process!
We didn’t forget about the new movie, either. Characters from Dragon Ball Super: Broly show up in this set as Clash of Fates-exclusive feature rares. We’ve already added them to the card list, so be sure to check them out!
The feature rare cards play well with the other cards in Clash of Fates, along with the upcoming cards from Series 6 scheduled to release in March!

We’re also starting a new promotion on January 11th. Buy cards with a friend to get DBS: Broly Packs! These packs have new Gogeta : Br and Broly : Br leaders from the movie, so don’t miss out!
And with that, the Clash of Fates overview comes to a close. The set comes out in early 2019, so be sure to grab some packs after seeing the new movie!
We’re going to continue doing everything we can to make a game that both Dragon Ball fans and card game fans can truly enjoy. Thanks again for all your support, and see you in 2019!

December 28th, 2018
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team