Series 8: Malicious Machinations <DBS-B08>
Volume 1

Assault of the Saiyans

Hello DBSCG community! The time has come for us to introduce you to Series 8—the second set in the Infinite Unity Block—Malicious Machinations!

We’re releasing a new video along with these designer’s notes, so check it out if you haven’t already seen it!

The theme of this set revolves around the strongest warriors created by the scientists of the Dragon Ball world: The Androids, created by Dr. Gero; Baby, created by Dr. Myuu; Hatchhyack, created by Dr. Lychee; and lastly, Dr. Uiro himself! On the side of the good guys, we have genius scientist Bulma with her first Leader Card!

This concept is also brought to life in the set’s booster pack design! Take a look!

We also have a surprise in store for all you DRAGON BALL FighterZ fans out there… Android 21 makes her debut in Series 8! Her card effects reflect her special moves quite well, and we hope you look forward to seeing more as we reveal her new cards later on!

As you might expect, we’re also going to be releasing a new Starter Deck and Expert Deck for Series 8!

Starter Deck - Parasitic Overlord

The starter deck is a Red/Yellow Super Baby 2 deck! Red/Yellow multicolor cards make their debut in Series 8 with a new multicolor-only skill called Offering!

Offering (When you play this card, your opponent may choose 1 card from their life and place it in their Drop Area. If they don't, draw 2 cards.)

Offering presents your opponent with a painful choice. They either have to let you draw 2 cards, or lose a life! You’ll only know if you made the right choice when the battle is over!

Starter Decks are made to have straightforward strategies so that beginners and returning players alike can get into the game quickly and easily!

Expert Deck - Android Duality

This time around, the Expert Deck is a Blue/Green Android deck featuring Android 21’s first-ever DBSCG appearance!

Also featured is Revive, the new Blue/Green multicolor skill.

Revive is an extremely powerful skill that allows you to play a card a second time after it is KO’d!

Revive Blue/Green (Place cards in your hand in your Drop Area that match all colors specified by [Revive] : When this card is KO'd, play this card and negate this skill for the duration of the turn.)

We hope you’ll enjoy the new strategies to be had in Series 8!

You might have noticed that Malicious Machinations sees the introduction of the Red/Yellow and Blue/Green combinations. The next set of designer’s notes will go into how those new multicolor cards will work! See you then!

October 11th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team