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Are you hyped? Special Anniversary Box 2020 goes on sale today, August 7th!

Today, we're here to talk to you about UW Series Set 2—Vermilion Bloodline—, which features many characters in their Super Saiyan 4 forms. This set was also the inspiration for one of the storage boxes in the latest Special Anniversary Box.

As the title might suggest, this set is filled to the brim with Super Saiyan 4 strength! And lots of new faces are joining the game from the Dark Empire Saga like SS4 Son Goku : Xeno, SS4 Bardock, and SS4 Son Gohan. Of course, fan favorites from the anime like SS4 Son Goku and SS4 Vegeta will be appearing as well. We hope crossovers like this show off the most appealing part of the Unison Warrior Series: all the different combinations you can create using characters from across Dragon Ball history!

That covers one theme, but this set also comes with a sinister second theme that introduces two new keyword skills to the game: Overlord and Servant. This theme revolves around powerful villains who take over the minds—and sometimes bodies—of their prey. To learn about the new keyword skills, check out this video!

Next up, let's look at some of the archetypes in this set.  

Red: DBS Broly
Blue: Super Baby 2
Green: Babidi and Prince of Destruction Vegeta
Yellow: Garlic Jr.

What a powerful cast! And Garlic Jr. will be getting his first full archetype as well. We were really excited about including him, so we hope you are as well! On the heroic side we also have characters like SSB Gogeta. Oh, and did we mention that fan-favorite SS4 Vegeta is getting his very first Leader Card?

As with the last set, black will feature a lineup of game original characters.

In UW01 we introduced the Dark Dragon Balls with evil versions of One-Star Ball and Two-Star Ball. This time, we're adding the dark counterparts of Three-Star Ball and Seven-Star Ball! And of course this means two sets of characters to go with them: their Shadow Dragon counterparts Eis Shenron and Naturon Shenron, as well as Majin Buu : Xeno and Dark Broly that have absorbed those Dark Dragon Balls. Dark Broly is the main character for black this time around and is extremely powerful, so keep your eyes peeled for card reveals in the near future!

UW02 will be sold in both booster packs and Premium Pack Sets.

UW02 booster packs and Premium Pack Sets.

And of course, UW02 will also be filled with cards to power up the Starter Decks that went on sale before the release of UW01. So if you haven't played DBSCG yet, grab a Starter Deck, get some booster packs, and join in on the fun!

There's plenty of amazing cards in each color, but today we'll go over a few red and green cards before we do the full reveal of them next week!

Red: DBS : Broly Saga

We haven't seen many cards from this era since way back in Series 6!
First up, we have a Gogeta : Br Leader Card!

This Leader is set up for both offense and draw power. Every time you activate a [Union] skill, you get to draw 1 card. And it also has [Double Strike] to make it a big threat. Combine these two and pull off some awesome fusion plays to take down your opponent!

This time around, the Gogeta archetype focuses on skill-less Goku and Vegeta cards. You only need a single copy of this Extra Card to get your plays going, and the Gogeta Leader's front-side helps search it out!

Much like {SSB Gogeta, Fusion Onslaught} from Series 6, these Gogeta cards can't be KO'd. But that's not all. Both of them have skills that decrease the power of your opponent's cards when played, giving you a huge advantage just for bringing them out. They also add markers to red Unison Cards--very handy.

This time around, Gogeta : Br is set up to be well-rounded in terms of both offense and defense. We hope you'll enjoy battling with the archetype when you get your hands on it!

Next up is the Broly : Br Leader!

Once Awakened, this furious fighter powers himself up when he attacks, creating a flurry of attacks worthy of the berserker himself!

When Broly was young, he was cast off to the incredibly harsh environment of Planet Vampa, where he met his first friend: Ba.

This time around, Broly's archetype is based around the [Swap] mechanic. And Ba is there to get you the Broly cards you need to make your strategies tick!

We're using the [Swap] mechanic to replicate Broly's astonishingly fast growth and his tendency to unleash attacks nonstop.

And as you can see, these cards have the new [Servant] mechanic, so we hope you'll enjoy re-enacting the scenes where Broly was under Paragus' control, but then breaks free and unleashes his true power as a Saiyan through his battle with Goku and Vegeta.

With Paragus' death at the hands of Frieza, Broly awakens into a berserk state and starts attacking anyone and everyone standing in his way! The strongest card in this archetype allows you to send three cards from your opponent's hand to their Warp, and then go in for the win with [Critical] and [Double Strike]!  

The overall aim of the deck is to use the [Swap] mechanic to get rid of cards in your opponent's hand, then achieve victory with Broly, newly awakened!


Green : The Evil Wizard Babidi Saga

This time, one of the archetypes focuses on Vegeta in his Prince of Destruction form instead of Majin Buu. And not only that, there's also a new young Gotenks leader for the first time in almost three years!

Let's have a look at that Gotenks Leader!

Once Awakened, it has a unique skill that can remove markers from your opponent's Unison Cards or make Ghost Tokens. This gives you multiple options to choose from, while also matching flavor from the source material.

This SS3 Vegito gives you some draw power whenever you use [Union] skills. And just by having him in play, he allows you to [Awaken] the Gotenks Leader. Use this card to show that Gogeta isn't the only Fusion powerhouse around!

Normally, Fusion uses a lot of cards from your hand to pull off. But this Gotenks has an [EX-Evolve] skill that helps maintain your hand advantage. Once on the field, he can take out your opponent's Unison Card AND one of their Battle Cards in one fell swoop!

{EX-16 Gotenks, the Grim Reaper of Justice} from this year's Special Anniversary Box would work wonders in this deck too!

We hope you celebrate this Z Warrior's return by making a deck that takes advantage of his tricky but unique skill set!

Next up is Babidi & Vegeta!

The best part of this Leader is the [Overlord] skill combined with another ability that lets you play Vegeta cards with [Servant]. That's right, you can use [Overlord] to send Vegeta to the bottom of your deck and then get him back to go on the attack!

There are plenty of Vegeta cards that fit the bill here, but let's take a look at one of the more powerful ones.

Combine this card with the Leader's skill and you can get a total of four damage in on your opponent. This card is meant to represent Vegeta regaining his senses and then going on a destructive rampage!

And there are more powerhouses in this deck than just the Vegeta cards. Obviously when you think of Babidi, you also think of Majin Buu.

With these two Majin Buu cards you can either remove markers from your opponent's Unison Card or KO 1 of their Battle Cards. {BT11-082 Majin Buu, Looking for a Fight} also has [Deflect], allowing you to get around your opponent's [Counter : Play] cards.  

And that's not all for the demonic Majin this time around!

Continuing the Dark Dragon Ball theme from UW01, we have the dark version of the Three-Star Ball, which transforms into Majin Buu : Xeno! Once transformed, you can pay a single green energy to [EX-Evolve] into another Majin Buu with [Double Strike] and [Dual Attack], devastating your opponent!

Take control of the rampaging Majin Buu and Prince of Destruction Vegeta to overwhelm your foes and grasp deliciously evil victory!

So, what did you think?

In the next Designer's Note on 8/21, we’ll explore the brand new Garlic Jr. archetype. See you then!

August 7, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team