Greetings, DBSCG fans!

This time around we're gonna showcase the blue, yellow, and black cards we didn't get to show you last time!

Blue: Baby Saga

This time around the Baby archetype is a blue control deck unlike the previous yellow and red aggro decks.

And of course, fan-favorite SS4 Vegeta gets his first Leader Card!

First, let's look at the Baby archetype!

In this set, Baby specializes in [Counter] skills! Play a [Servant] using a [Counter] skill, then use [Overlord] to put that card back in your deck and turn it into draw power.

Not only does this deck come well-equipped to negate your opponent's attacks, but it also has a [Counter : Counter] card as well!

{BT11-58 Planet Tuffle} makes all of your minions' [Counter] skills cheaper, so you can use the new 《Brainwashed》 cards in this set to negate your opponent's attacks for less energy! And since they all have [Servant] they all pack a powerful punch. Once you've attacked with them, use the [Overlord] skill on {BT11-31 Baby, Spirit of the Tuffles} to draw cards and bolster your defenses.

With {BT11-43 Baby, the Saiyan Slayer} you can play cards with [Counter] skills from the bottom of your deck. So all you have to do is use [Overlord] to put one there, and you've got a way to play it for free!

{BT11-42 Baby, Golden Avenger} is the finisher of the deck. Not only does it have a powerful [Counter : Counter] skill to stop your opponent from interfering with your plays, but it also has [Triple Strike] to help you go for the win!

Use your Z Warrior minions and [Counter] cards well to control the game, and make Baby proud!

Next up is Vegeta : GT!


The best thing about the Saiyan prince this time around is his ability to energy ramp when he does damage to your opponent. Including lots of cards with high Combo Power and Extra Cards to help you land attacks is the name of the game.

Once Awakened, he gains another powerful skill that switches himself to Active Mode when your opponent uses a [Counter] skill, giving you another shot to ramp!


These next two cards are to help Awaken your Vegeta Leader. {BT11-55 Bulma, Wife of the Prince} activates the {BT11-57 Super Blutz Wave Generator} she made to help power up her Saiyan husband. You can use this combination to help Vegeta [Awaken] and become SS4 just like in the show!


This next card makes your opponent have to pay an extra price in order to attack you. Combine this with your Leader's ramp ability to buy time until you can play your strongest card!


SS4 Vegeta is finally here! With {BT11-52 SS4 Vegeta, Rise of the Super Warrior} you can add up to 4 cards to your energy or your hand. This gives you the opportunity to try and set up defensive plays or use the extra energy to go for a big attack. We believe this card showcases the level of Vegeta's strategic genius!

We hope to see many of you out there using this Super Warrior deck to its fullest potential!

Yellow : Garlic Jr. Saga

This is the first time that Garlic Jr. is getting his own archetype in DBSCG. And it's easily the one best suited for using [Overlord] and [Servant]! Yellow also sees the first Son Gohan and Hire-Dragon Leader Card from the same era.

First, let's go over the Gohan and Hire-Dragon cards!

This archetype was designed to work with skill-less Battle Cards, playing skill-less Gohan and Hire-Dragon cards to take advantage of your Leader's draw skill.

This Unison Card negates the skills of Battle Cards on both sides of the playing area, but since your cards are skill-less in the first place that's no problem! If that wasn’t enough, his [0] ability plays two skill-less Battle Cards from your Drop Area to keep the pressure going!

Here's another Unison Card that would do great in this deck, from the recently released Special Anniversary Box. It powers up skill-less cards, lets you play them, and even has a draw effect. It works great with this archetype no matter when you play it!

With plenty of skill-less cards in your Battle Area, you can place them in your Drop Area to summon this next card for cheap and then bring those skill-less cards back with your Leader's ability.

We hope you'll find fun combinations of Unison Cards to use with this deck and make all kinds of new skill-less strategies!

Next up is Garlic Jr.!

Garlic Jr. is one of the few villains to actually manage to have his wish granted for immortality, so all of his cards have the [Indestructible] skill!

The back of the Leader Card has an ability that allows you to play Demon Clan cards in response to your opponent's attack. You can then use the [Overlord] skill to get some draw power out of them since they all have the [Servant] skill!

With {BT11-119 Makyo Star} in your Battle Area, you get to play even more cards for free, making the Garlic Jr. archetype a real force to be reckoned with!

These former allies of Goku have been transformed into members of the Demon Clan by Garlic Jr., and they all have the [Servant] skill to boost their attack power. The key to this deck is mastering the use of [Overlord] and [Servant] to gain advantage, just like the blue Baby deck!

Playing {BT11-105 Garlic Jr., Commander of the Demon Clan} protects your from taking extra damage from [Double Strike] and [Triple Strike], buying precious time to further your plays.

{BT11-104 Garlic Jr., Overlord of the Dead Zone} is the evolved form of Garlic Jr. He comes packed with a powerful ability to play a Demon Clan card from the bottom of your deck. He also has [Overlord], giving you double the potential for draw power, while being able to call back your [Servant] cards for more attacks!

We hope some of you villainous players will make good use of the Demonic Elite Four and Demon Clan cards to try and become the Overlord of your local game stores.


Black : Dark Empire Saga

This time around, black centers around Dark Broly and is a debut for some new characters from the Dark Empire Saga! The Dark Broly archetype revolves around manipulating cards in your Drop Area and is a mix of an aggro and a control deck.


Dark Broly is a horrific transformation that Broly undergoes after absorbing a Dark Dragon Ball. Use the dark Seven-Star Ball on Broly, and you can play a Dark Broly card from your deck! Then, once you have some Dark Broly cards you're done attacking with, use your Leader's ability to boost his power and go for another attack!

These Dark Broly cards are incredibly strong! One has [Blocker] and the other has the ability to send one of your opponent's Battle Cards to their Warp. Choose the correct card for the situation and turn things in your favor!

And lastly, we've got this SS Broly Unison Card that helps return the Battle Cards you use to play your Dark Broly cards back to your Drop Area to refuel yourself for more plays.

Take control of the evil demon and send Dark Broly on a berserk rampage!


UW02 is scheduled to go on sale on 10/9, with Pre-Release events happening on 10/2.

*There is a chance that these dates may change depending on the Coronavirus situation.

By participating in Pre-Release events, you can get your hands on a pair of SS4 Son Gohan and Piccolo Unison Cards. This time around, they feature a gold stamped treatment and linked artwork!



The Gohan Leader puts cards in your Drop Area, and gets powered up when you activate [Over Realm] skills! The Piccolo Unison supports Gohan, allowing you to discard cards from your hand to fuel [Over Realm] plays.

And there's a perfect [Over Realm] card in UW02 to use with this Gohan Leader. This SS4 Bardock card forces your opponent to get rid of cards in their hand to help get your attacks through, and also has high power and [Dual Attack]. Use [Over Realm] to put this SS4 grandpa and grandson duo to good use and devastate your opponent!

Make sure to participate in Pre-Releases to get those Son Gohan and Piccolo cards!

And just like with UW01, we're planning on having UW02 Store Championships. This time around, not only are we giving out Championship Pack 2020 Vol. 2 for participating, but we also have a new pack for you guys. We’re calling it the “Revision Pack”, featuring errata cards with their updated text printed on them. We hope the cards in this pack will provide new and old players alike with an improved DBSCG play experience.

  • * There is a chance that these plans and prizes may differ depending on the Coronavirus situation.
  • * Contact your local store to see if they're planning on holding Store Championship events.

This set is jam-packed with fan-favorite characters and plenty of strong cards. We can't wait to see the exciting new strategies and decks you come up with!

Keep your eyes peeled for more UW02 info in the future. We hope you're looking forward to it!

August 21, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team