Exhibition EventTo celebrate the launch of the new Broly movie, we're launching an exclusive DBS: Broly Pack promotion!

There are three different types of DBS: Broly Promotion Packs to collect!
Let’s look at how you can get your hands on each one!

Check out these prizes you can get!
② Super Dash Pack Campaign
DBS:Broly Pack vol.2

Players who visit their friendly local brick and mortar game store and purchase 12 Series 6 Boosters in-store will receive a DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 2!

*DBS:Broly Pack vol. 2 comes in five types, each containing one card.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.2

Only available in stores!

  • *Each pack includes one of five cards selected at random.
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Please confirm supplies with store in advance when purchasing.

The card list is here!!

③ DBSCG Celebrations at stores

The card list is here!!

  • - DBS: Broly Pack vol.3 ×4
【Second – Third Place】
  • - Merit Card ×1(Broly)
【First Place】
  • - Playmat×1(Gogeta)
  • - Merit Card ×1(Gogeta)
  • *DBS:Broly Pack vol.3 comes in four types, each containing four cards.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.3

  • *Each pack contains the same set of four cards.
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Please check the event details page for details on pack distribution.

The card list is here!!

Merit Cards
【Second – Third Place】
Merit Cards
【First Place】
Merit Cards
【First Place】
play mat
DBSCG Celebrations at stores Locations
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Chile
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Mexico
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • *For details , consult the staff of your local store.

The promotion is over.

① Bring a friend! Unleash Broly's true might!
DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 1

A product purchase promotion that rewards you and a friend!

  • Step 1: Bring a friend to your friendly local brick and mortar game store.
  • Step 2: Buy two starters and six boosters during the promotional period (1/11-2/28) to play!
  • Step 3: Each of you will receive DBS: Broly Pack Vol. 1 during the promotional period!

*Each pack contains one of two unique pairs of cards.

DBS:Broly Pack vol.1

  • *All pack contents are identical. Two cards are included in each pack.
  • *Please confirm supplies with store prior to purchasing.
  • *Limit one pack per person, per store. Two packs - one per person - will be provided with the first bundle set purchased. Purchasing subsequent bundle sets will not receive additional sets of DBS: Broly Pack Vol.1
  • *Available while supplies last.
  • *Promotion is subject to change without notice.

The card list is here!!