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Unison Warrior 3 -Vicious Rejuvenation- Pre-release Tournament

We realize there is extreme uncertainty about when events will be able to resume. Stores are independent of Bandai and should act in the best interests of their community, being mindful of safety of players. We ask stores to only hold tournaments when it is safe and legal to do so. Players are encouraged to check with your local gaming stores prior to visiting.


In January 2021, more excitement will be brought into the series with the Unison Warrior 3 pre-release event! We have a special promotion for players who purchase a box during pre-release: player will get a Unison Warrior Vicious Rejuvenation Pre-Release Special Box Promotion Pack! This pack includes 1 SR or SPR card! Be sure to participate so your players could get this special promotion pack!

As the coronavirus pandemic crisis continues to grow in certain regions, we wanted to provide updated advice to stores regarding in-store pre-release events.

Stores may choose from the following two options:

  • Option 1: If it is safe and legal to run events within your county, state or region, as a store, you may choose to run in-store pre-release events. We ask you to provide a clean environment for players, and kindly request to submit store reports via the web version of TCG Meister for any events you run so we can track store activity.
  • Option 2: This is the preferred option. There is no requirement to run in-store pre-release events during the current coronavirus pandemic. You may provide promotional materials to players as a purchase incentive when a player purchases product to the value of your standard tournament entry fee. Please submit your reports with 0 players if you are unable to run a tournament.

Players who purchase 1 booster box during the pre-release period will receive 1 additional pre-release pack!

Each UW03 Pre-release Promo Pack includes 2 cards.

Pre-release Kit
  • - Foil Version Frieza Leader Card x8
  • - Foil Version Meta-Cooler Unison Card x8
  • - Pre-release Pack x8 (2 cards per pack)
Top 1/8:
  • - Foil & Full Art Version Frieza Leader Card x1
  • - Foil & Full Art Version Meta-Cooler Unison Card x1


*Purchase limits will apply. Stocks are limited. Please confirm with your local gaming store in advance.



15 - 21 January, 2021


Coming soon!

  • *For details, consult the staff of your local store.