Mythic Booster [MB-01]
Release date

January 14, 2022


1 Booster Pack contains 8 cards each. 1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.

  • 63 cards / 126 types total
  • ・ Common: x30
  • ・ Uncommon: x15
  • ・ Rare: x9
  • ・ Super Rare: x7
  • ・ Secret Rare: x2
  • *All types available in holo parallel versions*
  • *Release date may vary by region.
  • *Release date subject to change.
Mythic Booster [MB-01]

63 incredible reprints, each with new versions featuring unique alternate artwork and gold stamp!


Every pack includes 1 holo foil and
1 gold stamp card!


The Reprint Deck List is here!
No. Color Card Name Category Rarity
BT1-053 Blue Senzu Bean EXTRA C
BT2-064 Blue Mafuba EXTRA C
BT5-023 Red Afterimage Technique EXTRA C
BT5-050 Blue Dimension Magic EXTRA C
BT5-075 Green Shocking Death Ball EXTRA C
BT5-101 Yellow Time Magic EXTRA C
BT5-115 Black Power Burst EXTRA C
BT5-117 Black Dragon Ball EXTRA C
BT8-104 Black Super Kamehameha EXTRA C
SD2-03 Red Unbreakable Super Saiyan Son Goku BATTLE ST
SD2-05 Red Chain Attack Trunks BATTLE ST
SD10-02 Yellow SS3 Son Goku, the Last Straw BATTLE ST
XD3-04 Green Android 17, Impending Crisis BATTLE ST
P-019 Yellow Ginyu, The Reliable Captain BATTLE PR
P-055 Black Dark Temptation Towa BATTLE PR
P-056 Black Supreme Kai of Time, Light's Guide BATTLE PR
P-059 Yellow Ultimate Form Son Goku BATTLE PR
P-063 Red Glory-Obsessed Prince of Destruction Vegeta BATTLE PR
P-065 Green Vegito, Super Warrior Reborn BATTLE PR
P-067 Black Bardock, Fully Unleashed BATTLE PR
P-068 Black Broly, Legend's Dawning LEADER PR
P-069 Blue Miracle Strike Gogeta LEADER PR
P-082 Black Revived Ravager Vegeta BATTLE PR
P-128 Green Trunks, a Helping Blast BATTLE PR
P-169 Red/Green Saiyan Technique Great Ape Vegeta BATTLE PR
P-172 Blue/Green Android 18, Full of Rage BATTLE PR
P-179 Green Son Goten, Awakening the Beast BATTLE PR
P-185 Blue/Yellow Kefla, Everlasting Light BATTLE PR
P-244 Black Piccolo, Savior From the Beyond UNISON PR
EX04-01 Red SS Gogeta, Acrobatic Warrior BATTLE EX
DB1-014 Red Toppo, Righteous Aid BATTLE UC
DB1-079 Yellow Final Spirit Cannon EXTRA UC
P-181 Red/Green Broly, Surge of Brutality LEADER PR
P-184 Blue/Yellow Kefla, Surge of Ferocity LEADER PR
P-198 Red/Blue Son Goku, Instincts Surpassed BATTLE PR
P-201 Red Frieza, Mutable Menace BATTLE PR
P-204 Yellow Bardock, Surge of Inspiration BATTLE PR
P-205 Red/Green Broly, Swift Executioner BATTLE PR
P-206 Blue/Yellow SS Rosé Goku Black, Divine Prosperity BATTLE PR
P-207 Red/Yellow Whis, Ethereal Guidance BATTLE PR
P-209 Red/Blue Cooler, Clan Avenger BATTLE PR
P-210 Green/Yellow Android 18, Perfection’s Prey BATTLE PR
P-223 Green Zarbon, Cosmic Elite BATTLE PR
P-260 Yellow Surprise Attack Naturon Shenron BATTLE PR
EX04-03 Red/Green SSB Gogeta, Resonant Explosion BATTLE EX
TB3-045 Green Cheelai, the Beautiful BATTLE FR
TB3-051 Yellow Vegeta, Striving to be the Best BATTLE FR
P-219 Blue SS2 Trunks, Heroic Prospect BATTLE PR
P-248 Red Broly, Astonishing Potential BATTLE PR
P-261 Black SS4 Bardock, Fighting Against Fate BATTLE PR
P-262 Black SS4 Son Goku, Beyond All Limits BATTLE PR
P-263 Black Masked Saiyan, Brainwashed No More BATTLE PR
P-274 Red Launch, Feminine Wiles BATTLE PR
P-308 Black SS3 Gogeta, Thwarting the Dark Empire BATTLE PR
BT9-103 Red/Blue Cooler, Tyrannical Assault BATTLE SR
DB1-057 Green Fused Zamasu, Deity's Wrath BATTLE SR
DB2-062 Blue Dirty Burst EXTRA SR
DB2-001 Red SSB Kaio-Ken Son Goku, Concentrated Destruction BATTLE SR
DB2-126 Yellow Giant Ball EXTRA SR
DB2-143 Black Koitsukai, Mechanical Courage BATTLE SR
DB3-003 Red Son Goku, Nimbus Master BATTLE SR
BT8-136 Blue/Green SS4 Vegeta, Peak of Primitive Power BATTLE SCR
BT9-137 Green/Yellow Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination BATTLE SCR