Series 8: Malicious Machinations <DBS-B08>
Volume 2

Assault of the Saiyans

Hello DBSCG fans! In today’s Designer’s Note, we’ll be introducing the red and yellow cards from Malicious Machinations!

Most of the cards in this color combination are focused on the Battle of Gods and Baby sagas. Let’s take a look!

Battle of Gods Saga

Just like in the movie, yellow wants to use the combined might of the Saiyans to play Super Saiyan God Goku!

This Goku has [Offering], a new ability that forces your opponent to either lose a life, or lets you draw two cards. When you play it, your opponent’s going to be wishing for a divine intervention...

He only costs 3, but if you want to get him into play even sooner, we have just the card for you:

Place this Goku in your Drop Area and return his friends and family from your Drop Area to your deck, and you can play {Son Goku, Dawn of Divinity} from your deck or hand for free! Even better, he gets [Double Strike] and [Dual Attack] on top of his already divine suite of abilities—truly godlike! Recreate the events of the movie and ruin your opponent’s day while you’re at it!

Up next are two story-critical Leader Cards.

Bulma is a defensive Leader, bestowing [Blocker] to red and yellow Saiyans and Earthlings while drawing you cards. She only has 5000 power, but we’ve included powerful synergy cards to set up her gameplan:

This Beerus is an all-purpose Leader designed for red and yellow decks that want to clear out their opponent’s Battle Cards and combo with cards from the Drop Area.

What about non-Leader Cards? Glad you asked!

{Whis, the Spectator} has an ability multicolor players have been clamoring for: he negates [Energy-Exhaust], letting you establish a multicolor energy base quickly and efficiently!

{BT8-022 Beerus Ball} is a new kind of counter: If you’re at 4 or less life and have a multicolored card in your energy, you can play it for free by adding a card from your life to your hand. Your opponents better think twice before making any rash decisions...

Baby Saga

Now let’s take a look at the Baby Saga cards! Baby’s made a few appearances at this point, but this is different. Super Baby 2 is here... and he means business!

BT8-067 Super Baby 1 /Super Baby 2, Awakened Malevolence

Drain your opponent’s Leader down to zero, and Super Baby 2 gets [Triple Strike]. Drop your opponent’s Leader into the negative, and every card you have becomes a threat! Pack your deck with cards to reduce your opponent’s power, and go to town!

Also included are cards to help get Super Baby 2 into play, plus true-to-the-anime recreations of his increasingly malicious machinations!

And just like the Battle of Gods cards, yellow gets a card you can activate without paying its energy cost!

Check the card list for even more new cards, and see you at the next Designer’s Note!

October 18th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team