Series 8: Malicious Machinations <DBS-B08>
Volume 3

Assault of the Saiyans

Greetings and salutations, DBSCG fans! Today, we’ll be looking at the new blue and green cards from Malicious Machinations, along with some exciting new details about the 2020 National Championship that were recently revealed at the North American National Championship Finals!

National Championship 2020

The 2020 National Championship season kicks off this December, with some great new changes to get more players into the fray than ever!  

Regional tournaments are back to being open events that anyone can enter.
Store Championship winners get a one-round bye at Regionals.
Store Championships and Regionals will be held from the start of the season in December 2019 all the way up to the finals in October 2020.

We’re confident the upcoming season will provide an exciting and diverse play environment you’re going to love sinking your teeth into!

2020 will also deliver something fans have long been clamoring for...
A World Championship tournament! For the first time ever, the strongest players from each region will gather to vie for the title of World’s Strongest!

Stay tuned for regional details on National tournaments, and more information on the World Championship.
Note: Tournament dates and details vary by region.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the new blue and green cards!

This time around, blue and green are focused on characters from the Android 21 and Dr. Uiro sagas, with Android 21 in blue and Dr. Uiro in green.

What makes these two fan favorites tick? Let’s find out!

Android 21 Saga

If you played Dragon Ball FighterZ, you already know Android 21's consumes clones to power up.  

With Android 21 as your leader, you get to start each game with <BT8-041 Android 21's Scheme> in play, which gives your opponent two clone tokens each turn. That might sound like a bad thing, but Android 21 is all about making those clones work for her.

Speaking of which, here are two prime examples. Consume an opponent’s clone token to power Gohan up, or consume three to play Cell for free.

Android 21 isn’t the only Leader with clone token synergies, though!

BT8-023 Dependable Sister Android 18

The Android 18 Leader can remove an opponent’s clone token to both bounce an opponent’s 1-cost threat and reduce the combo cost of your blue and green cards for a turn, setting you up for a powerful attack.  

And let’s not forget Android 18’s husband!

Combo Krillin with an attacking Android 18 to give her [Double Strike], then play him for 1 energy at the end of battle! Ah, a dramatic finish with a dose of domestic bliss...

These are all just a prelude to the real threat, however.

BT8-122 Android 21, Violent Predator

Has there ever been a card like this before? Being able to return all of your opponent’s monocolor cards to their deck—including their energy—makes this an absolutely devastating finisher.

Dr.Uiro Saga

Dr. Uiro fills in the other half of blue/green’s themes. Much like the Android 18 and 21 Leaders, Dr. Uiro uses a field card to power nefarious control strategies.

Negating your opponent’s keyword skills is all well and good, but the really scary thing about Dr. Uiro is his alternate win condition: Get 17 cards under 《BT8-040 Dr.Uiro's Lab》, and you win the game!

The doctor is in, and he’s gathering brainwashed warriors in 《BT8-040 Dr.Uiro's Lab》.

Even Piccolo’s succumbed to Dr. Kochin’s brainwashing, and he’s ready to lay waste to your opponent’s hand—while helping you gather unwilling tenants for 《BT8-040 Dr.Uiro's Lab》.

The SR Dr. Uiro places a whopping six cards under 《BT8-040 Dr.Uiro's Lab》. Get him into play, and the game’s as good as over!6

Hatchhyack Saga

Black is focused on the Hatchhyack Saga, with a powerful leader card that limits attacks, and Ghost Warriors that you can play for free by returning cards from your Drop Area to the bottom of your deck.

The Hatchhyack Leader is all about locking down your opponent’s attackers and limiting their options. Build a deck packed with Ghost Warriors, however, and the truly terrifying nature of his plans takes form!

The Z Warriors’ worst enemies have been revived as Ghost Warriors, ready to lay down their lives in service to your schemes.

SR Hatchhyack becomes an 8-cost Battle Card in your Battle Area, bypassing the Hatchhyack Leader’s attack restriction. He can also send your opponent’s peskiest Battle Cards to the Warp, even if they have [Barrier]!

Malicious Machinations is only a month away from release, and we can’t wait to see what you do with the new cards and strategies in the set! Until next time!

October 28th, 2019
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team