Greetings, DBSCG Players.

We have a lot to show you in this installment! Let’s begin with the latest addition to the Unison Warrior series, set for release in January of 2021! We developed this set to be tons of fun for both returning players and those who are just starting out, so it’s a great opportunity for your friends to give the game a try. This Designer Note will go over the general outline of the set, and we’ll follow up with more specific deck information.

This release is centered on the storyline of Mechikabura’s impending resurrection, so it’s got plenty of formidable foes who have returned to their prime, resurrected, or changed forms and powered up. The title was inspired by Mechikabura himself: VICIOUS REJUVENATION! With this release, the Shadow Dragons who have been gathering since Set 1 -Rise of the Unison Warrior- have now assembled. The long-awaited Omega Shenron makes his first appearance here, heralding the completion of the Shadow Dragon deck!

This set introduces the keyword skill Rejuvenate, which is highly unique even when compared with existing keyword skills. This powerful skill gives Unison Cards a life recovery effect, a first for DBSCG. Leaders seeking a new way to get stronger now have incredible assistance from the Unison Warriors. If you’d like to learn more about the keyword skill, just check out the previously posted video!

We'd also like to let our players know that the same foiling from -Rise of the Unison Warrior- and -Vermilion Bloodline- will return for -Vicious Rejuvenation-.

The cards with Rejuvenate are:
Red: King Piccolo
Blue: Janemba
Green: Slug, Turles
Yellow: Frieza, Shadow Dragons
Black: Shroom & Salsa, Gogeta : Xeno, Gohanks : Xeno

Quite the lineup of power players! There are an especially large number of anticipated cards in this set, with characters getting their first shot at being Leader Cards including Launch in red, Paikuhan in blue, Turles in green, and Whis in Yellow. There’s sure to be a character in there you’re looking forward to!

That brings us to the box topper: the Revival Pack! In keeping with the theme of this set, we’ve rebooted and reprinted some past cards. Some of the lineup has been introduced in a video already, but there are also the results of the reprint survey you voted for, and lots more popular picks! The first Extra Card reboot is also the first horizontally-oriented card, so there’s tons of fun in store!

Booster Packs, Premium Pack Sets, and an Ultimate Deck will all be released simultaneously!

UW03 Booster Packs, Premium Pack Sets, and an Ultimate Deck.

The Ultimate Deck is a new deck designed to let beginning players become a force to be reckoned with right from the get-go! It’s a 51-card deck, with every card featuring a silver foil treatment. It also comes with a booster pack, making it a must-buy for players who want to power up--fast! The details of the cards will be explained in the next Designer Note.

Let’s take a look at the cards from the set!

Red: King Piccolo Saga

King Piccolo returns to his youth, and Launch gets her long-awaited Leader Card!

She’s the first Leader not to possess something like Awaken or Wish, instead making multiple transformations by flipping. Who could forget her identity-changing sneezes? Use combos to get Launch sneezing and recreate the events of the show!

One unique point of Launch decks is that Battle Cards can be played from your life! If the life turned face-up by {BT12-011 Bulma, Confident Friend} is {BT12-005 Son Goku, Eye for an Eye}, you can pay the skill cost to play it!

Bulma is an awesome Unison Card to back up Launch! You can add the Battle Card you want to play by moving it from your hand to your life! Use it to play powerful Battle Cards like {BT12-005 Son Goku, Eye for an Eye}!

{BT12-012 Launch, Brown County's Most Wanted} is a unique card where playing it is the key for her transformation. Other leaders can only be played once, but her card allows you to do it as many times as you’d like! Pour on the combos for a very transformative sneezing fit! Achoo!

Next up we have King Piccolo, taking the throne as Leader for the first time!

He starts the game low on life, but when he Awakens he regains his youth, replenishing his life! Play the Demon Clan using life to realize King Piccolo’s dreams of global conquest!

This was it: the moment Goku’s unbridled rage came screaming to the surface. The King Piccolo Saga was the story of Goku’s revenge, kicked off with the encounter with Tambourine. Tambourine was the most prominent minion of the Demon Clan, so he’s been made into an important card that’s just right as a main attacker to plunge the world into chaos.

In the King Piccolo deck, your life count may determine which cards you can use in Combos, making it especially important to this deck. As such, if you can activate the [Rejuvenate] of {BT12-004 Piccolo Jr., Descendant of the King}, you’ll gain a major advantage. If you choose {BT12-20 Tambourine, Reign of Terror} with its [-2], you can KO your opponent’s powerful battle cards!

By comboing with the Leader and {BT12-025 Attack of the Demon Clan}, {BT12-021 Cymbal, Reign of Terror} can be put into play easily, and provides awesome support for the [Rejuvenate] of {BT12-004 Piccolo Jr., Descendant of the King}. Wait for your chance and then go on the attack!

{BT12-018 King Piccolo, Evil Dictator} looks to be a strong finisher, but the conditions to play it seem to pose a challenge. But with this deck theme, it’s not as hard as it looks to get Demon Clan cards to 40000+ power. {BT12-018 King Piccolo, Time to Fight} boosts the power of your Demon Clan cards by 20000. Choose {BT12-20 Tambourine, Reign of Terror} with the [Auto] skill activated, and it only takes one card to hit 40000! Evolving into {DB3-015 King Piccolo, the New Ruler} can be done for a total cost of just 1, and you avoid the demerit of the card being sent to the Warp at the end of the turn.

Only you can decide the outcome of the battle between Goku and King Piccolo. Just remember: the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

Blue: Janemba Saga

The biggest reveal this time has to be the first appearance of Paikuhan!
His Unison brings him together with Frieza and Cell for an afterlife teamup!

Our first Blue card is the long-awaited Paikuhan!

It starts off supporting Goku and Vegeta, and helps get Gogeta into play in the mid-game! He even makes use of a certain legendary card from the past...

This theme starts by placing Goku and Vegeta on top of the deck, centering on using a cost 1 Paikuhan skill such as the one on {BT12-043 Paikuhan, Flawless Technique}. {BT12-043 Paikuhan, Flawless Technique} uses the Leader’s [Auto] skill to return to your hand!

That fact that this deck features numerous cost 1 cards makes this Unison all the more powerful. Frieza and Cell, two legendary foes of Goku and friends -- both in this world and the next -- now appear together as a Unison Card!
{Frieza & Cell, a Match Made in Hell} doesn’t just put a Battle Card into play for cost 1, it also has [Rejuvenate]! By pairing it up with {BT12-053 West Galaxy Revival}, it can [Rejuvenate] while rearranging the top of your deck -- a combination you’ll want to go for whenever possible!

The miracle warrior himself arrives in the mid-game!
{BT12-042 Paikuhan, Stalling For Time} can be easily played with the Leader’s skill to help get Gogeta into play. But this time, Gogeta is a cinch to play with his own skill as well.
{BT12-039 Gogeta, the Demon Destroyer} can be played when you have a cost 1 Goku and Vegeta in your deck!

With all this in place, Gogeta can evolve even further.

Both these cards can be played with the skill of {BT12-039 Gogeta, the Demon Destroyer}! Don’t miss the chance to evolve Gogeta into an [Ultimate] card!

The other Blue Leader is Janemba!

Just like in the anime, he lets off unpredictably rapid attacks in this aggro deck!
The cards in the Energy Area will be important, so make sure to plan your strategy out from early in the game!

This deck’s main strategy is using the Leader’s skill to play Janemba and aggressively attack, but its most unique point is the attack power of its skill-less Battle Cards. {BT12-047 Janemba} has 20000 power, and when skills such as {BT12-048 Janemba, Enchanted Transformation} bring out {BT12-046 Janemba}, that 30000 power combo will be hard to shrug off.

{BT12-045 Janemba, Bewitching Blow} enables more rapid-fire attacks. You can exchange skill-less Battle Cards to play it for free, then place more cards under {BT12-054 Soul Cleansing Machine}, creating a nightmarish rush your opponent won’t be able to fend off!

Then, Janemba : Xeno, empowered by the Dark Dragon Ball, lets loose with even more attacks, shaving down the opponent’s life.

If you use {BT12-052 Five-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness} to choose {BT12-045 Janemba, Bewitching Blow} you can avoid the demerit of having to send it to the Warp.
With intense aggro and the power of the Dark Dragon Ball, Janemba is hungry for life!

Green: Slug & Turles

Slug is a [Rejuvenation]-centric theme intended for experienced players.
Turles finally gets his first Leader Card, and trust us, it was worth the wait!
Just like in the anime, he uses the Tree of Might to power up!

The first Green card we’ll introduce is Lord Slug!

This deck is a little unusual in that it competes by controlling the opponent’s hand. You can enjoy the interaction with your opponent even more than before!

The point of this theme is to first increase the cards in your opponent’s hand. Start by using Leader skill cards like {BT12-061 Lord Slug, Conqueror Restored} and {BT12-063 Medamatcha, Invader of Earth} to fill your opponent’s hand.

Once their hand is full, use {BT12-061 Lord Slug, Conqueror Restored} to play the powerful members of Slug’s Army!
Play {BT12-057 King Piccolo, Dimensional Conqueror} for 1 energy, then use [Rejuvenate] to flip your Leader and go on the attack!

This set also features the debut of Lord Slug : Xeno!
You can experience the awesome power of the Dark Dragon Balls!

Our next Green Leader is Turles!

If you can control the opponent’s life with his attacks, you’ll be one step closer to victory!

We’ve recreated the plotline of the Tree of Might absorbing Earth’s energy to bear its fruit, allowing your Leader to [Awaken]!
Just like in the anime, the {BT12-083 Fruit of the Tree of Might} gives massive power to the Turles Crusher Corps. Add {BT12-083 Fruit of the Tree of Might} to your opponent’s hand using {BT12-082 The Tree of Might}, but this effect is limited -- you’ll have to the skill on {BT12-068 Turles, Cosmic Rogue} to return it to your deck, gaining latent card advantage in the process!

Turles Crusher Corps cards enter play when you combo. {BT12-070 Turles, Invader of Earth} combos with 5 cards, meaning you can play 5 members of the Turles Crusher Corps! You’ll want to play it when you’re ready to go on the offensive, so make sure to hang onto this card.

In addition to Janemba : Xeno and Lord Slug : Xeno, this set includes another warrior imbued with a Dark Dragon Ball, Turles : Xeno!
All of the Turles in this set have [Unique], so multiples of him can’t be played, but if you use {BT12-080 Four-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness} to play {BT12-079 Turles, Dark Parasite}, you can play another!

Rest assured -- this is merely one way the Tree of Might’s fruit can lead you to victory!

Yellow: Resurrection F Saga, Shadow Dragon Saga

Golden Frieza gets a proper resurrection, and a proper powerful card to boot! And now that the Shadow Dragons have fully assembled, you can create the Shadow Dragon deck of your opponent’s worst nightmares!

First up is the long-awaited Whis Leader!

Combo with a skill-less Battle Card with 15000 power, and Whis’s teachings lead it into play! Ensuring you always have a skill-less Battle Card in your hand is essential to making this deck work.

Whis’s sister, Vados, also makes an appearance as a Unison Card! And get this: she’s the first Unison capable of combo’ing during the Defense Step! With Whis as your Leader, you can combo with skill-less Battle Cards every turn while building an impenetrable board!

These three cards are keepers in any starting hand. {BT12-099 Whis, a Helping Hand} is especially key, allowing you to draw every time you combo. The longer you can keep him in play, the more secure your gameplan.

Goku and Vegeta have levelled up through Whis’s training, entering play either through [Evolve], or by using Whis’s face-down Leader skill! Finding a Goku and Vegeta to Evolve with should be a piece of cake, so get in there and get evolving!

Yellow’s other Leader is the diabolical Frieza!

Frieza only has 5000 power, as well as a handicap preventing you from adding life cards to your hand. Once he gets in the {BT12-121 Cutting-Edge Recovery Device}, however, Frieza’s chance to shine arrives -- every time you flip a card in your life face up, you get to Rest an opponent’s card...including their energy! And once you have three or more face-up cards in your life, you can flip Frieza over!

Managing your life is essential this time around. To drive that point home, take a look at these three cards. All of them can be played after you place a life card in your Drop Area, so use {BT12-088 Ginyu, a New Transformation} and {BT12-121 Cutting-Edge Recovery Device} to swap out your life and send the cards you want to play to your Drop Area.
{BT12-088 Ginyu, a New Transformation} can swap out your life AND use [Rejuvenate], making him one of, if not the key player in this deck. Like King Piccolo, gaining a single life vastly expands your options, so prioritize lifegain above all else!

Once the endgame draws near, so too does Frieza’s glorious resurrection...and with it, your victory.

{BT12-100 Frieza, Divine Transformation} is an attacker with a powerful defensive side, allowing you to play both sides of the field with ease. His ability to de-flip your life cards is especially key, and helps give the deck a form of pseudo lifegain.

With his resurrection complete, Frieza’s revenge begins…

Also in yellow is Omega Shenron, who arrives at last following his absorption of the other Shadow Dragons!

Just like in the show, Omega Shenron can copy the skills of absorbed Shadow Dragons! And with 30000 power, copying [Critical] and [Double Strike] is enough to end games on its own!

We’ll have more information on the other Shadow Dragons in the set shortly, so stay tuned!

Black: Dark Empire Saga

Allies and enemies alike make their first appearances in force, with Shroom and Salsa marking the imminent invasion of Mechikabura’s forces!

First up is Gogeta : Xeno!

Gogeta : Xeno is all about a classic black theme: manipulating cards in your Warp. He also features a unique take on [Union-Fusion].

To wit, Gogeta : Xeno can use [Union-Fusion] with cards in your Warp! Use your Leader skill to send Goku : Xeno and Vegeta : Xeno cards to your Warp, and prepare for a truly deadly [Union-Fusion] play.

Once Gogeta : Xeno is in play, it’s time to go on the attack! By placing {BT12-136 SS3 Gogeta, Marvelous Might} at the bottom of your deck, to play both Son Goku : Xeno and Vegeta : Xeno cards, powering up your Leader’s skill and pressuring your opponent!

Like with the Janemba theme, Paikuhan also provides stalwart support. {BT12-124 Paikuhan, Savior from Another Time}’s [-3] skill can play Gogeta : Xeno, as well as power up the Xeno Son Goku and Vegeta cards played with {BT12-136 SS3 Gogeta, Marvelous Might}!

Harness dimensional power to create a miraculous fusion your opponent won’t see coming!

Up next is Shroom & Salsa!

The Shroom & Salsa deck preys on your opponent’s Drop Area to power up. You can also expect some new appearances from Masked warriors!

Black skill-less Battle Cards have never had combo power before...until now. Its power is low to compensate, but support from {BT12-141 Towa, Dimensional Convoker} and other cards helps fill in the gaps.

Once you have black skill-less Battle Cards in play, it’s time to play {BT12-145 Shroom, a New Demon God} or {BT12-147 Salsa, a New Demon God}. These cards lay waste to your opponent’s Drop Area while supporting your skill-less Battle Cards.

When your opponent’s Warp is looking nice and full, that’s your cue to play {BT12-140 Dark Masked King, Devilish Dominator}, who can tear through your opponent’s life with terrifying speed and ferocity.

As the Dark Empire’s forces begin their invasion, the war for the Dark Dragon Balls will soon reach a boil...

How’d you like the latest cards?

Just one more thing to add: We’re really pulling out all the stops for the pre-release! As mentioned in the video, we’ve included a lot of cards that will really take players back to their old favorites while welcoming returning players! We’ll tell you more about it in the next Designer Notes.

Our next installment is planned for December 11th. Don’t miss it!

December 4, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team