Hey there, DBSCG fans! What do you think of -Vicious Rejuvenation- so far? We hope you’re enjoying all the new characters, because there’s more where that came from!

If you have friends who used to play and are looking for a chance to get back into the action, we’ll show you some new products that are a perfect re-entry point!

First up are the Pre-Release promotional cards. {P-028 Bionic Strike Mecha Frieza} is a card that will live in infamy for its meta-wrecking power-level. It may have been toned down via errata, but many players still fondly remember what could have been... Which is why we’re giving Mecha Frieza the revival he deserves!

We considered designing him around his post-errata design, but opted to instead create a new card that captured the flavor of the legendary original. Unlike the post-errata version, you can use his skill to activate Extra Cards during your turn!

And that’s not all. Every time you activate an Extra Card, you can switch an opponent’s Battle Card to Rest Mode, giving you a boost of defensive power. Make no mistake: the legend is back!

Another killer pre-release card is {P-266 Meta-Cooler, Mechanical Contempt}, a Unison Card featuring [Rejuvenate], the expansion’s new keyword skill. Meta-Cooler builds markers fast and can ready a card for [Rejuvenate] easily, making him a perfect partner for the life-burning {P-265 Mecha Frieza, Resurrected Monarch}.

Pack your deck with Extra Cards, and use Mecha-Frieza and [Rejuvenate] to their fullest!

Participate in a Pre-Release, and make this reborn legend part of your team!

Buying a box during the Pre-Release period will also get you a Pre-Release Special Box Promotion Pack, which includes a random SR or SPR from UW03! This is an incredible deal -- there’s never been a better time to get back into the action!

Unison Warrior Vicious Rejuvenation Pre-Release Special Box Promotion Pack

And if you’re a returning player looking to jumpstart a new career in competitive play, say hello to the Ultimate Deck!

Ultimate Deck [DBS-BE16]

This pre-constructed deck features powerful SRs from previous sets, making it a perfect starting point for tournaments. Even better, all 51 cards feature a silver foil finish -- a first for DBSCG!

Without further ado, here’s the decklist.

No. Color Card Name Category Rarity Pieces
EX16-01 Black Towa & Mechikabura, Dark Conjurers LEADER EX 1
EX16-02 Black Dark Shenron, Tyrannical Savior UNISON EX 2
EX16-03 Red Dark Broly, Unbridled Destruction BATTLE EX 2
EX16-04 Red Dark Broly, the Shadow Warrior BATTLE EX 2
EX16-05 Blue Janemba, the Shadow Warrior BATTLE EX 2
EX16-06 Green Frieza, the Shadow Warrior BATTLE EX 2
EX16-07 Green Majin Buu, the Shadow Warrior BATTLE EX 2
EX16-08 Yellow Lord Slug, the Shadow Warrior BATTLE EX 2
EX16-09 Black Dark Dragon Balls EXTRA EX 2
EX16-10 Green/Yellow Lord Slug, Unbridled Might BATTLE EX 2
BT5-112 Black Dark Power Black Masked Saiyan BATTLE UC 2
BT10-086 Green Frieza, Dark Infestation BATTLE R 4
BT10-087 Green Frieza the Power Monger BATTLE C 4
BT11-128 Black SS Son Goku, Time Patrol Elite BATTLE C 4
BT11-133 Black Dark Broly, Demon Realm Ravager BATTLE R 2
BT11-135 Black Dark Broly, the New Masked Saiyan BATTLE UC 2
DB1-014 Red Toppo, Righteous Aid BATTLE UC 2
DB2-007 Red Frieza, Imperial Inspiration BATTLE SR 2
P-090 Green Surprise Attack Frieza BATTLE PR 2
BT5-115 Black Power Burst EXTRA C 2
BT8-104 Black Super Kamehameha EXTRA C 2
BT10-091 Green One-Star Ball, Parasitic Darkness EXTRA UC 2
DB2-159 Black Protector of the People EXTRA SR 2

The card list is here!!

Headlining the deck after a recent absence is none other than Towa!

This time around, she’s leading a legion of Xeno warriors infused with the Dark Dragon Balls. Her Permanent skill lowers the cost of all Xeno cards by 1, making it easier than ever to develop a powerful Xeno board presence!

-Vicious Rejuvenation- includes Janemba : Xeno and Lord Slug : Xeno cards, giving you plenty of options for deckbuilding. Whatever your favorites are, they’ll all find a home in the Ultimate Deck!

{EX16-03 Dark Broly, Unbridled Destruction} can EX-Evolve from a <Dark Broly> with an energy cost of 2 or 6, meaning you can also use it with your Vermilion Bloodline <Dark Broly> deck!

Towa’s Leader skill makes {EX16-04 Dark Broly, the Shadow Warrior} cheaper to play, giving you a fast and easy route to playing a 6 or 7-cost <Dark Broly> from your deck!

Meanwhile, the mask has come off for {EX16-03 Dark Broly, Unbridled Destruction}, and he’s sending your opponent’s cards to the Warp! And if they don’t have enough cards to send, your opponent might have to use a card from their life, instead...

The Dark Dragon Balls have driven these Xeno villains into a frenzy! Use {EX16-08 Lord Slug, the Shadow Warrior}’s skill to play {EX16-10 Lord Slug, Unbridled Might}, then activate [Blocker] twice a turn to create a nigh-unbreakable defense! It’ll also make your opponent think twice about using removal, making it a lynchpin card to fend off attacks.

Once you have black skill-less Battle Cards in play, it’s time to play {BT12-145 Shroom, a New Demon God} or {BT12-147 Salsa, a New Demon God}. These cards lay waste to your opponent’s Drop Area while supporting your skill-less Battle Cards.
{EX16-07 Majin Buu, the Shadow Warrior} can also be played off {EX14-05 Towa, Rewriting History}’s skill. Once you have the conditions met, get him in play and don’t look back!

This is just a basic overview of some of the action this deck is capable of. Pick up an Ultimate Deck and try it out for yourself!

Well, what did you think? With nostalgic favorites and powerful new cards entering the fray, there’s never been a better time to start playing the Dragon Ball Super Card Game! This is a fantastic expansion for both current and returning players, so grab a friend and jump into the action!

We’ll be revealing new cards on the website in the coming weeks, so keep checking in! Until next time!

December 11, 2020
Dragon Ball Super Card Game Team