Battle Evolution Booster [EB-01]
Release date

March 5, 2021


1 Booster Pack contains 12 cards each.
1 Box contains 24 Booster Packs.


233 Types Total
・Common (normal/holo) x60
・Uncommon (normal/holo) x30
・Rare (normal/holo) x18
・Super Rare x16
・Secret Rare x1
(68 new cards / 57 reprints)

*Release date may vary by region.

Battle Evolution Booster [EB-01]
The Reprint Deck List is here!
No. Color Card Name Category Rarity
BT1-014 Red Saiyan Cabba BATTLE C
BT1-025 Red Vados's Assistance EXTRA C
BT1-027 Red Cabba's Awakening EXTRA C
BT1-053 Blue Senzu Bean EXTRA C
BT1-076 Green Broly, Dawn of the Rampage BATTLE C
BT1-089 Yellow Avenging Frieza BATTLE C
BT1-090 Yellow Mecha-Frieza, The Returning Terror BATTLE UC
BT1-101 Yellow Zarbon, The Emperor's Attendant BATTLE C
BT1-109 Yellow Frieza's Call EXTRA C
BT3-062 Green Trunks, Bridge to the Future BATTLE C
BT3-070 Green Dawn of Terror, Android 13 BATTLE UC
BT3-104 Yellow Flying Nimbus EXTRA C
BT3-120 Black Haru Haru, Attacker Majin BATTLE C
BT4-012 Red Intensifying Power Trunks BATTLE UC
BT4-048 Green Newfound Power Son Gohan BATTLE UC
BT4-091 Yellow Adoptive Father Son Gohan BATTLE C
BT6-089 Yellow Fearless Assault Krillin BATTLE C
BT6-114 Black Bonds of Friendship Android 8 BATTLE C
BT6-119 Black Eighter Aid EXTRA C
BT7-068 Green Saibaimen, Endless Explosions BATTLE C
BT7-103 Black Trunks, Time Regulator BATTLE C
BT9-057 Yellow Android 14, Stoic Fist BATTLE C
BT9-065 Yellow Trio De Dangers, Mark of the Wolves BATTLE C
DB1-086 Black Remote Serious Bomb EXTRA UC
DB1-002 Red SS Vegeta, Exploiting Weakness BATTLE SR
DB1-027 Blue Master Roshi, Universe 7 United BATTLE UC
DB1-040 Blue Desperate Measures EXTRA C
DB1-056 Green SS Rosé Goku Black, a Delicate Plan BATTLE R
DB1-065 Yellow Pan, Natural Fighter BATTLE UC
DB1-100 Yellow Bardock, Father and Son BATTLE R
DB2-003 Red Tien Shinhan, Unwavering Anchor BATTLE C
DB2-004 Red Piccolo, Namekian Fortification BATTLE C
DB2-005 Red Android 17, Rebel Reinforcements BATTLE R
DB2-031 Red Universe 4, Assemble! EXTRA UC
DB2-042 Blue Dr. Rota, Unknown Potential BATTLE UC
DB2-046 Blue Obuni, Afterimage Slash BATTLE SR
DB2-054 Blue Mechiorp, Bobbing and Weaving BATTLE UC
DB2-069 Green Ribrianne, Punishing Passion BATTLE SR
DB2-073 Green Kakunsa, Maiden Might BATTLE C
DB2-081 Green Zarbuto, Heroic Stance BATTLE C
DB2-111 Yellow Basil, Fatal Rampage BATTLE SR
DB2-122 Yellow Roh, Brash Supremacy BATTLE UC
DB2-127 Yellow Universe 9, Assemble! EXTRA R
DB2-147 Black Katopesla, Righteous Fury BATTLE UC
DB2-148 Black Katopesla, Sonic Justice BATTLE UC
DB2-149 Black Katopesla, Universe 3 Policeman BATTLE C
P-062 Yellow Scrambling Assault Son Goten BATTLE UC
SD6-04 Blue Ultimate Fusion Gogeta BATTLE R
SD8-04 Green Defending Father Paragus BATTLE UC
SD8-05 Green Cheelai, Frieza Force Soldier BATTLE UC
TB1-034 Blue Universe 9 Supreme Kai Roh BATTLE C
TB1-042 Blue Universe 9 Striker Oregano BATTLE C
TB1-049 Blue Shining Blaster EXTRA C
TB1-072 Green Maiden Charge EXTRA C
TB2-012 Red Hidden Power, East Supreme Kai BATTLE UC
TB3-033 Blue Dream the Future EXTRA C
XD2-08 Blue/Green Android 21, A Bad Omen BATTLE R